Professional Skills Training for Bangladesh's Youth

A technical and vocational education and training scheme supported by ADB is helping young people in Bangladesh acquire much needed professional skills, creating job opportunities and raising income for the country's burgeoning workforce.More on:Bangladesh: Skills for Employment Investment Program - Tranche 1 - work in Bangladesh -

Martim Neves


Horchata Castro

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Paz C.

Ok... More confused than the 1st trailer☺

Elizabeth Moore

I thought the title said "If Texas was real" and I was down to watch that video

LCK Chaser

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Yellow Cat

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Matt Barber

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Mỹ Toàn Nguyễn

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The Three Kidz

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No4:Or just tell your parents.

Johnny Stubbington

I wonder if any character from dbz  bacon number is over 9000. yeah I made that joke.

Buzz Feeded

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My mum was 44 when she was pregnant, and had to go to special treatments to keep her baby safe. Her baby was born 5 and 1/2 weeks early, weighing a tiny 5 pounds and 5 ounces

divya purohit

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Sofia Pastor

So.....what ur saying now my mom? watch from 7:55

Andrew Paul

Where is client he was missing after civil war and we saw him in The Avengers End game and now he is missing again.

Samantha Warbritton


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Tofu Leau

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Skyler Cloudust Pony

Once my teacher said to the class "I'm pregnant"


" tThis is a submarine sinker" tosses it under hand

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I’m not being emotional abused by my significant other but when he’s mad, I feel like it has an impact on everyone around him as he suffers with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) which is a form of autism that gives the person with the disorder very unstable emotions and relationships. So he gets very angry and often says things he doesn’t mean when he’s having a stressful time, but when he’s calm or even happy, he’s a very sweet and kind lad. But now that I know him, and what he’s done for me, I want to stay with him and to help him

Josh Creepa

It’s funny because casseroles are French.


I cannot imagine losing your child. Most women would think themselves as a failure and not a woman because they lost there baby. But it’s normal and it’s just that we can’t do anything about it. I’m so sorry for you.

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