PS4: 20 Things You Didn't Know About PlayStation 4

In all the excitement surrounding PS4, here are 20 things you might have missed. Apologies for the mistake at 02.40! Nathan has been punished. DualShock 4 Hands-On: Access TV brings you the latest UK PS3, PS4 and PSVita news, events and goodies each week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest games and events on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: more?Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter:

John Smith

Glad to see Youtube sponsoring this mindless bullshit rather than independent media outlets that are trying to warn people against the bullshit liberal agenda.The people who have brains are gearing up for another civil war.You started it, not us...Defense... Defense...Defense...Wake up sheep, vote Republican and buy ammo.

Cute Cat

make more videos please! ❤️

Chelsea Lynch

With regards to the epidural, my mother chose not to have one when she had me and then didn't have one again when she had my sister. I think a lot of women who decline it like to experience childbirth with the pain as opposed to being completely numb, because when you have an epidural you're basically numb from the insertion point of the needle down and you can't really feel anything (at least from my understanding). Maybe it's a more traditional thing but I know that's just what some woman prefer.

Dance moms Electric

I was born 2 months for early. When they would try and pick me up I would flip around like a limp noodle. That’s why I got the nickname noodle.😉


...Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit if someone around me dies?


Saw American Wasteland peeking in the corner. I have never clicked on a video this fast.

so yeah i yell a lot when im stressed

Woofle kat

My YouTube Recommendation has spoken.


hey i usually go on twitter and show my appreciation but i just wanted to say that the calmness of the videos are so nice <3 well done.

mae lee

my youtube is mae lee couisn


@usocslc true that dude BTW! you would probably enjoy this online game ==>

me- no, i don't think i will

CRX Productions

2019 anyone


darn it

Gateball trick shot?


I became a gold digger


English is not my first speak either ;)


whats the music from


No problem man, you're like my favorite guy on Youtube


Do you have pets?

Lilac Cherry Trees

Wow interesting story! :3

Monique Uranga

im "that girl" and my dad i saw yay

Shoail Shamim

Anyone watching this video in 2019 then like 👇👇👇👇for team coby 😊😊😊

Rojauhn Pakdel

what is the fantasy factory?

rouse edward

Total Dude Perfect Battles Scores:Tyler = 10Cody = 3Garrett = 2Cory = 1Coby = 0

Lewis Clemson

I want to do that

crazy cop the gamer

Anwar jibawis partner at 3:33

Norbert Racs


This is not actually about Erin having a job, I just wanna say that people need to start getting original with the jokes.


No bloopers

Prime Logic

5:19 Garret looks depressed in that mask

Ali _ Kz


Mike The Fox

i can see you dont need a cheat code to activate Big Head mode!

fag bag

did they help my bad




I found 3 of those nessies around the tutorial map and I even found a dog!


This actually looks like a fun game. Or at least one worth playing for a month. How much is it on XBLA?

Despacito fortnut


You will understand when you see it LOL


All these titles are so sad like