PSA - NVCC ELI (Education Connection Spoof)

PSA Project for CST 110 at NVCC - Annandale, taught by Nan Peck Fall Semester 2013.



Soft Retro

This maybe good for your channel. A lot of people seem to like it. Make it a new series :).

baby Drago

i wouldn't be surprised if my science teacher put this on

Amy McBride

They don't charge a monthly subscription but you could practically pay for a year's worth of Netflix to see just one Broadway show.

Eli Snider

A tree was harmed in the Making in this video

Rahul Joshi

This is much better than both PewdiePie & Tseries combined

Johny ZEZ

3:03 R.I.P. TY'S pennies

Nerith , der Bube

Ohhhhhhh yes the waiting has an end... A professionell Raster egg Video vor RDR2

S Eller

Dat music make me feel uncomfortable

And I didn't even get close to a BOY! WTH???!!

Keep Quiet

Come onnn, you can set us up thinking he broke up with you just to have a plot twist that he died! 😰

Grace Alexandra

I can't stop listening. Great job, boys! 😍

Stork Kitty Kat

6:30 I don't know if he flipped the bottle before he landed his feet check it out in 0.25 speed.


holy shit

Papa Peaceful

Cold hard cash is the worst song I have ever heard XD

And he will cry


At 2:44 its like showing new to abandoned