Puppy Training 101: This is What a Typical Day Should Look Like - YouTube

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jaeden choy

i’ve never cried so much in my goddamn life damn


@Blanotiger64 Right. When was the last time they won a Super Bowl?

VTA võ tuấn anh VTA vlog

Hay quá

Leon Zanker

Technically good video, but I think you should keep making easter egg videos about games and movies. I didn't like this one because I don't like this kind of music and I think this whole "easter eggs in music" thing is a bit boring.


Captain America says "I can do this all day" to further back the idea that Iron Man is a bully.

Translate ASMR



The doctor is an idiot

Big King

BRO this is the best video I've ever seen I mean look at the edits and Anwar and you and the girl im speechless respect just 100000000000000% respect


Wait...60 FPS from a 2012 video? Mind. Blown.

Jenna Davis




Killercats Georgia

I grew up with this since I started school, so did one of my other brothers did too but teachers never understood us! And being easily manipulated by other kids sucked as well, it started in y2 and we had a new (fresh out of uni) teacher, she was nice but was highly strict. I would have issues like when I was excluded by staff I couldn't join in with a class activity because of my behavior! I was known as the devil child! My mum loved me and knew this was strange when it wasn't just my brother having issues. I misbehaved for small things like when I can't finish writing or drawing something and would get shouted at when I disobey, I was actually a happy child and to some staff (usually the art staff) because I would help them in the garden or ask about the flowers they were growing or what they were making craft wise in their spare time! These staff members that liked me were never around when I got upset so I had nobody to stand for me or explain or comfort me. I think now it was a share of respect, as a young child I wouldn't tolerated being shouted at for a stupid reason, I would shout back at the teacher(giving the same respect they had given to me, none) and they would see me as a issue and remove children from class. And they would leave me with the shouting teacher while they go get more staff. I would be alone. Abandoned. I would hide under a table sobbing till a few ta's came to reason to me like they understood then would come close and restrain me. I would always have trust issues with teachers from that day forward. In year 3 I had got into trouble again and sent to the head teachers office. I was very polite and always did what my parents told me to do, listen. The head teacher was a wonderful person and was amazing! I knocked on the door and entered. The last thing I remember was being held by 4 staff members who lifted me from my feet and were carrying me by the corridor as I had supposedly attacked the head teacher and had ripped a hold in her tights. My mum was a amazing mum and contributed to the school in any way, either buying pudsey keyring or being the Easter bunny for the whole school! She is amazing. Main point,

gavi ziskind

i really love your videos well done

hoi :3

i feel like i'm 70% anxious, 20% avoidant and 10% secure LOL

Dr. Peach



Sorry, but I'm gonna stick to Powerade. This video didn't influence me.

DiscoZombie 2268

Were those pranks from panda real

Damyrin Champagne


κωστας κοντος

Guru please make a video with battlefield 3 the end game easter eggs

Bryan Jacobo

fake and gay

Atish Ratangee


Deyc Carlos


Nash Heroman

You should do stereotypes dude perfect game

Cayden Patey

Who's watching In 2017

Drew Zaremba

Anyone watching in 2019??


They really need to stop putting double rainbow in ever fucking game... Great video though!


I have the same pen as Skip, im soo proud about that!!!!!!!!!

Christa w.

Tati makes me want lip fillers. But my friend got them and no... so bad. SOOOO bad in person. In pics tho, damn. She’s fire. Tati’s look very natural and VERY well done. I need her lip person. I got them baby lips.


Took 2 full days for the slingshot

Rainbow Playz

Sooooo how much did this cost

sr. Mata

I love this channel!!

The Negro Leagues

If only it actually would look like this

Giddy K

show how panda is or give a clue

XxBloodGoddessYeeT xX

Her: I was 17 and he was 24 You pretty, And you have a beautiful heart Just be yourself and don't let those "Cheerleaders"

Andrew Boyce

Bryan needs to shut up about people moving when he was moving the entire first game and nobody listened to them

Timothy Dalton

01:39 i found other easter egg. Alexa this is so sad play Despacito 2.

Evan Deneault

So that means that dinosaurs in James Bond confirm!

adriana silva

eles pulão muitobem

K N I F Eネキ王

This is the future of shotgun noobs and campers :)

Sǝɐrıal Chıןןǝr

i actually think the new saints row looks fun why does everyone hate it i have saints row 1 2 and 3 getting 4 soon i hope

Cosmic Undead