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This glmm includes part 1 of Her Red Hair.Skip to 5:15 if you saw Her red Hair part 1!Thanks for watching!Sorry if you're confused 😅Socials:Instagram:@gachaxlinaPlease follow me T^T-----------------------------Roblox Username:MiszinaFollow me and maybe ill join you one day!-----------------------------//*The reason i disabled the comment section:* //*ATTENTION*BEFORE YOU COMMENTSTOP, commenting "im confused"Because i get it. You're confused,But that doesnt mean i have to read the exact same comment a 1000 times.So please. Just read this↓Before you comment anything T^TThe title isnt original.The story is my own creativity with some help from animes.Just because the title isnt original it doesnt mean, the whole story isnt either. (I saw some comments saying its not original. But i want to make sure to you guys, i had no idea that there was another "Her red hair" and im not lying. But it also said my video id not original. Even tho, i checked the other glmm (her red hair) out, and it totally doesnt match my story. So it is an original story.)For the people who are confused,At the end:Its meant to be an sort "loop" Because she "dreamed" it, and she wanted to go outside for a walk. And then you got the first scene of the beginning and then it repeats :')I hope you understand it a little bit better now! ♡Edit:Okay for the people that STILL DONT understand it. Its.Very.Logical.And stop disliking just because you dont understand the ending.So BASICALLY, shes not in an coma, shes not in another dimension again, its not the past, she kinda just dreamed about the "future" and knows what is gonna happen next. Another episode?Im not sure of it. Lets see how many of yall want an "Her Red Hair "3" " 😅👌🏻I hope you understand it NOW :')Thanks for reading, Luv yall♡↑Thats basically What happened and why i disabled the comment section!HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY STRESS♡Bye mizi's!♡


Lindy Crane

Were any animals hurt?

Jireh Choo

Who came from ping pong trick shots 5

Samuel Hébert

Vous êtes nul

Stephanie Morse

That’s so dumb to bully someone who has depression. I was bullied back in high school because of many things, but it lead to me getting depression and I now try my best to manage it with self care, mindfulness, and meditation including medications that help me feel better. It’s never ok to bully someone just because you don’t like them, and unless you know what depression feels like then just keep your mouth shut and not say anything that will scar someone even more than a seizure mentally.


the tapping you hear from the hatch is that bowling character (forgot his name) from GTA IV

hunter swencki


Rohan Bhuyan

tyla looks like Lil bit Wiz khallifa isn't it...

supercombo craft

So much swag in the icecream truck that the theme

Evan Lin

0% chance that Coby will ever win

Nate D


[Outro: Chris Brown]

Bailey Smith

what a perfect lie but has to move it to him to hit it

mira fiona

this is truly inspirational in many levels. growing up , my parents would always compare me with other kids like “look at her she got straight A’s” or “look at him , he can play piano way better than you”. many people say that parents compare kids to motivate them but i dont see it from my parents. since my parents compare , i would also compare myself and started to develop low-self esteem in my interests and other stuff. watching this video made me realize so much. thanks for putting a lot of effort in this!


Guru on the Monster House part, you put The Cat In The Hat

Jen Gacila

Coolest shot ever

Isaac Albrecht

We're dude perfect and welcome to they paid us a lot of money for this battle

Matthew Lewis

Are they in Australia or somethin?

Mark Norris

Coby will won 1


also another thing you didnt know was daniel tosh plays 11!

Trev Staufenbeil

This doesn't look very fun


OMG TYLER my birthday is on the 24th of march too lol


Yooo i live in Massachusetts