"Jurgen Klopp is the perfect manager for me!" | Carra Meets Virgil van Dijk - YouTube

SUBSCRIBE ► Carragher heads to Melwood to chat with Liverpool's newest signing, Virgil van Dijk. Why did van Dijk move to Anfield? How is his relationship with Jurgen Klopp? How much pressure to perform has come with his price tag?How do you think Virgil perform at Liverpool? Let us know in the comments below!Watch Liverpool v Man City LIVE on Sky Sports this Sunday by heading here:

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Simon Drolet

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Lance T

How do you know KD hasn't played basketball in a month? How do you know he's not faking the severity of his injury to strike back at the "Warriors are better without KD" comments? KD is back, Warriors will win, bring it back to the bay, win, and win it all in Toronto. Raptors prepare for a devastating loss.

Candi Land

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Matrixie Kitty

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Owen Reedy

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Jonathan Black

I dont like their reactions they do this so many times! and still so surprised.. Just my opinion.

Jovan Borojevic