Rare Top 10 Times Pakistani Media Praising India: Must Watch

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I once lose control,which make me suddenly shouting,curling on the floor. edit:OMG SO MANY LIKES TY!

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I’m a mixture between secure and Anxious type.

Peter Fuentes forwood


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I'm team cobs


Just seeing Rick in the thumbnail makes me happy

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do sumo challenge

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I always had this question, if you were in a falling plane, and last minute you jumped out before the plane crashed, would you survive?

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Mario kart mode activated

Lars Mondragon

You also save pvt Ryan in world at war and get an achievement for it

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Excellent video Guru! You have a good editing and audio, I always support you. Keep up the good work :)

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This is Eugina Cooney's story

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Having a baby

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Awesome tricks love my compound bow

That guy from Aggretsuko

the last one.... goddammit

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No one will like my comment. Guru is God


I felt this was kinda over rated.

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Jeff kinda looking like Zayn🙄


I vote coby to win

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Nicest thing you’ve ever done guys

Zero Fate

why no crash bandicoot stuff? its what got them started and also my fav games as kid. Have they completely forgotten about crash? yea its old news now but they couldve atleast added a few easter eggs for old times sake.

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I only watched this because my names Ella 😂😂😂



Dwight Schrute doing ASMR though 😂😂😂😂😂

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That Anthony Fantano cameo

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Lol you waited 8 years for another rat Easter egg😂


Milk Steak


Also, in Italy, there's a dress/night dress store across the street from 47's safehouse. Considering the studio who made the game, the name of it is a bit coincidental ;)

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Why Paul you didn’t have to do this