Root 4p Play-through & Teaching by Heavy Cardboard - YouTube

**This is a sponsored play-through from Leder Games**Are you interested in learning how to play Root?Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard, teaches you how to play in this video. Later, he runs a full game played by Michael, Dominick, "Banker" Dave, and Michael. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to like and subscribe!0:38 Intro2:34 Teach2:47 Component overview6:51 Game sequence7:45 Movement, Ruling & Clearings10:18 Crafting12:56 Battle17:34 Dominance cards20:00 Marquise de Cat23:24 Eyrie Dynasties28:05 Woodland Alliance33:57 Vagabond46:49 Game start1:57:11 And the winner is...1:57:22 OutroBGG Game Link: to you by:Meeple Realty:(use code HC18 at checkout for 10% off!)-----------------------------------------------------------------Visit our website:us:Guild: us on Instagram: Edward on Twitter: Amanda on Twitter: our Facebook page: to the podcast!iTunes: Play feed: to send us something?Heavy Cardboard (PMB 14)13611 E. 104th Ave Suite 800Commerce City, CO 80022for watching and remember to comment below with your thoughts & feedback!

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Keep going

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I bought a dp shirt and hat and I love it!! I'd totally recommend buying dp merch!

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loved it guru


And the grandmaster

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OK so, I don't think its bad that u don't have a phone, I'm on IO, almost II, and my parent said I couldn't have a phone till I was I5, but now I have one only because my mom is on call for work, and if she is called in I need a phone to know because I live to far to walk home from school..

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Whats with rockstars obsession with ufo's in this game? There probably gonna do what they did with red dead and make undead nightmare but with aliens n shit. Cuz they made some pretty cool ufo sounds and id think it be awesome if they made an alien dlc.

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Can someone call MatPat? We need some explaining.


Guru is back? Shitload of vids compaired to a view weeks ago hahahaa ;)

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That song at 9:30 whats it called?

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steph avg + 30 while trple-teamed ..... sure ....... disapointing af

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