SBI Clerk Pre 2019 | Exam Review | Shift 1 | Paper होगा लीक | 22.06.2019

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i’ve seen a few comments looking down on the USA, i currently live in the USA. Many people don’t understand how free our country is and yeah it’s okay to criticize it for it’s wrong doings, but America has always been a place for refugees to come and be safe. My mom is a refugee from the vietnam war. she came from nothing, literally was under communist rule in laos. My grandpa was in the US army undercover as a vietnam soldier. he saved my family from being under dictatorship. america accepted my family and now they are citizens. i love the USA for this reason. yeah we have gangs, gun control is horrible, etc etc. But we are free, we don’t live in constant restriction and fear. we can say whatever we want without getting killed. It's a football not a soccer ball

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