Sealing of EVM

How to Seal Electronic Voting Machine after conducting Mock Poll

Jim zh

great vid, I liked the last part where you inflated the bulls head and then began to ride it. made me laugh a bunch.


rookie boii

Bouta nut gotta pop out ft: cupcake and lil dicky

abir jamal el ddine

2:54 Idk why but seeing coby get stuck at wiggle his legs is just hilarious and the way the music stopped because Gary couldn’t get it through the first time had me wheezing

Hilda Mabute

Wow that was amazing😍😘

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Looking sharp. fe+male= female

Farhaj Anwar

I also have ocd.I feel the same thing whenever i touch something i get in my mind that someone touched it.And i just want to wash my hands then...

Tinki -


Jane Smith

I dont understand which of these was an easter egg. These are all just references in the game. Theres no secret unlock sequence or anything. They're just...... part of the games. So, these are "easter eggs" how?

Mr. Moose

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maestro lemon

have you tried to kill the big foot

n o


Vu Nguyen


Keyshawn Carpenter

tifa 0:56?


When I was three, I practiced 39 hours a day. When I was four, I told myself, “One more hour. Then I will become Ling Ling.”

Liz Campbell

Number 14 was cool


Fuckin shavakobajan ad

XxGalaxy UnicornxX

This sounds like a story on episode

Evan Ponte

#2 is the best that I found out!

Oufuoroyroyr Hffdfhfy

its very funny bro


Lay in a12 foot hole for a hour

Erich Fennelly


Mitsu Chan

And people ask me why I think school can be fucking messed up.

Miss Gemalems

2019 any more


No knights of the old republic easter eggs ?

-the Kobracon is modelled or based off the Cobra Assault Cannon from Robocop

NWFlorida Storm Spotting

Should’ve taken a bucket of water and pored it into the whole with magnesium in it

Aravind Namasivayam

Happy birthday to Cory and coby



isabellaaa 099

Anyone else that get's bothered by the fact that the board says "Run YOUR nearly there"?

Lw. 024

Bf4 megalodon

D6G Spark

are you planning to do a cod ghost when it comes out?

Hector Jain

La canción más Hermosa de Todo el mundo 💕😭

Sports,hunting,fishing . Jake epps



April 2019???

Rehna Shihab

My highest score is 60 wooo! 😎

Jessica Tyson

I dont know what to say at all..

I Think My Dog Is a Cat

This is why we need the second amendment my guys!


I've seen JackSepticEye play Hitman. I wonder if he knows about these creepy Easter Eggs.

So stop whining about the old shit and prepare for the new ones.