Shree Shiv Khera Speech at Global Patidar Business Summit 2018

Veth Mony

At the end is like asmer

kitten berry

Bijuu mijuu this is nearly the exact same as my story! So i can relate and it will be ok!! But my dad died when was 7. And it will be ok! You can make it through this!!

Jack Noir

I just finished 3 out of 4 endings factions with the same character, for my third playthrough, The Devil Courier with wild wastland anarchy new vegas. For Fallout 4 I hope wacky content too.


I like the references but u wish Ubi put effort into decent Easter eggs with something else other than their franchises all the time, along the lines of the battlefield 4 Easter eggs

tea _ sis

Crying gang


I feel for you, playing a scary game just to find easter eggs for your viewers

Archmagos Azrael Grimm

Ill stick with meat thanks, and I wont complain if/when I become ill as long as other dont say "I told you so" when I start dying of various stupid things Ive done

lostshark Nostalgia Center

I liked the one where you managed to find the super secret chicken monster which when you made eye contact with the beast it tried to hit you with a barack obama stick figurine made from blue cheese. It was at this point the mushrooms had really kicked in.

Andrew Stovall

Probably the funds from their iPhone Game


FortniteGamer TV

Lol XD


Epilepsy acquired

Josh Castro

he a good man he is fighting for has kides

Darren Edge

I've played destiny

Mirandas Miller


Adventures By Tank

Astros beat your dodgers

Lone Wanderer

you did miss spider man's armour of ps4

-uploads to youtube so 645k people can see

your Boi genji got swag swag


ellie corn

isn't it Sam and Henry instead of Sam and David?

Nathan Seo


I have an anxiety attack everytime I enter school...

Z Wozolek

We all thought the barb was ded but he’s a taxi

TheMuffinMan ?

Nobody 👏 cares 👏 when 👏 you’re 👏 watching 👏

Callum Hain

what is that song called? it sounds awesome

Elizabeth Petrick

I see things that shouldn't exsist and what don't exsist (I love dragons)



1 hour later me: oh wait nvm that's not me because I don't play fortnite 😜

Apurva Patel

I'm android user😅😔



Dímelo Vi


What was the song used during the JC3 EE? Or was that default and actually in the game?


I came here for the boobies