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This is a snippet of the canter webinar for everyone to watch from Dressage Training TV. In this snippet Mary talks about the two tactics used for sitting to canter and which one she thinks is best for your canter position. The full course to anyone who signs up today! Click the link to watch the short canter correctly is important so that you do not drive the horse onto the forehand by your canter position. It's very easy to get left behind and have the horse charge out from underneath you in the canter, especially with a horse that is very much on the forehand.Dressage Training TV provides instructional videos, articles, audio and live webinars. We cover subjects such as groundwork, rider biomechanics, competing, test riding, equine & human bodywork and rider fitness.Sign up for membership to join live webinars each month, watch multiple training videos, get feedback on your position from trainers, and join a Forum community of people also interested in improving their relationship with their horse through Dressage find us:Dressage Training TV

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Hello Sup

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Heavenful - Fortnite

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Fernando Martin

I found a secret cavern with a little island-like rock in the middle and a palm tree in its center. It kind of resembles the Dead Island logo because 1 min later, zombies start to appear. I know its also a reference to the "loot cave" on Destiny because there's a message on-screen that says "Your destiny is to build your legend (and get loot)" and after killing a couple of zombies another message shows up that reads "Enough! Patch 1.0.2 activated. Better do some quests" So I peed on my wallet