SOS 3 - Secrets of S** Chapter 3 - Full Length Educational English Movie

In the movie, we educate followings:1. How to become straight2. How to cure impotency3. How to cure pre-mature ejaculations4. How to save our society from sex crimes5. How to prevent AIDSAnd many more… SOS chapter 3 is an educational movie which deals with human life, with the help of some fictitious characters we are educating people to solve the severe problems of society. Homosexuality has become a threat to our society. Many young boys faces problem relate to sex but feel reluctant to discuss the same with their elders or genuine therapists ultimately go in the clutch of fraud sexperts. We have to educate the people that most of the sex problems are relate to brain. In this movie Rihaana, a clinical sex therapist from USA, comes to India on a holiday trip but marries Zulfi under the pressure of her father. In the family, she finds it very conservative. Shockingly, she comes to know that her husband is a gay. She took it as a challenge to prove her LGBT thesis in practical. Her thesis creates an upheaval around world. She faces many problems and determines herself to solve them.Release date2014Running time1:48:15LanguageHindiActorsRitesh Asma HarmannPalvi Gagan GuluDirectorKumar AdarshProducerKumar AdarshWriterKumar AdarshCategoryDrama RomanceAction Tadka India:The one stop for the latest on Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood and Mollywood Upcoming Bollywood Films,South Dubbed,New Released Hindi Movies, Hollwood Dubbed Movies and a host of other Spicy videos Uncensored - Movies for you to entertain 24 hours. Be it the latest updated movies, free mobile, new song, watching new film, old superhit movie, and all in an endless thread of entertainment in our youtube list.Action Tadka India, free online streaming is just a click away from your mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop and phablet with multiple file formats for all devices. From horror, comedy, family, crime, drama, fantasy, mystery, history, sci-fi, thriller, western to any new trend we have uploaded it all.Like * Comment * Share Your One Stop Destination For All The Latest VideosSubscribe Now for Upcoming Movies:

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Army loves you no matter what happens, Worth it xD

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