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USAF Combat Controller and Combat Weather candidates conduct training at Joint Base San Antonio - Medina. The training is held by the Battlefield Airmen Training Group, 37th Training Wing, AETC.Factual, impartial and current. AiirSource Military brings you the latest insights from the United States Armed Forces. Visit our channel for in-depth and extended coverage on military events and missions: and turn on the notification bell to stay updated:DoD | AiirSource Military

Galileo Galexy

This is my best friends story. Not the same, but I miss him so much

Dalton Lovelock

Steven A. Leave that man alone

Ryan Randleman


Dark Exility

Next video : My brother died and now he is my mom

Soviet Union

How about.... Plunging the plunger?

Pyromanic Ninja

Also, in bank (Map) , there are the two payday two masks, as you said - BUT! Bank has the same layout as a heist, from payday two!

floating one

I hate how they're making them more obscure and difficult to find

Lauren Eskenazi

im stupid like some of you other posters out there i think usbecistan

May Flower

...Why is her name Absence? That’s nearly as bad as naming your child Abcde.

austin aspaas

but that was befor they changed the backboard dude but yes theere definatly have been broken backboards. but that is also from slam dunks which its always the bigger guys that break it correct me if im wrong.

Btw Keanu Reeves FUCK YES


Мажоры с америки страдают херней одним словом

It’s cLaW YT


Arnab Roy

Even sea walls couldn’t stop the tsunami in Japan

Spencer Morrell



You’ve all been lied to about everything Research “200 proofs” also Fluoride is a poison but everyone thinks it’s good for them, it’s actually a mining waste.

Manu Dhaundiyal

Yup this site is just giving out free Pink Apple iPads for today only.

Technical Rockstar

Plzz make some football tricks shoy

UnCreative Deconstructionism

I made that same wish to zoltar after my girlfriend told me my performance in bed was lackluster.


Can you react to asher angel

Cheyenne castillo

guns don't kill people husbands who come home early do larry the cable guyy

Keemu PlayzGamez

Anyone who abuses someone or something should have their corpse rot in hell!

LaWayla Golden


The Sharting Mooch

Whoever disliked this is a monster

CritCast Bash



Guru did 9:11.

Samuel Oben

Do you not know Jesus


Also a reference, Jim Jones died from a gunshot to the head, leaning backward and laying on his back; Knot slits his throat and bends forward.

erin ngo

it would be cool if they did it in the burj khalifa

D.J. Autistic ASMR

Thanks for reminding me how much I love Pleasantville! Gotta rewatch that sometime soon. =)

Dmitriy Klenovskiy

1:21 барабанщик из twenty one pilots ?

Kavit Patel

Coby's fourth goal was offside

who eat my lunchable

Hey um I don't know if you know this, but a mental hospital is helping people who have mental issues like depression and an insane asylum is where people are psychotic because those are for insane people who can't control themselves so they're tied up so the have to way to escape

Kyle Uhlir

You should film with Aaron Rodgers

Thato Theodore Lebelo

You're a Very strong Women

Art -I- Dude

do an episode on eating contest!!!!!

morgan megurine

I’m mad that roadhouse stopped doing the peanuts, that was always really cool

yazid ch

Amazing story with an amazing sound track I like it .

Grace Herbert

The closest we’ll get to team red

Lily X

Amazing. You are an inspiration!!!

Ladyzyrine Mints


Also me: If my family will forget about me, And if they'll grow up be ungrateful, annoying and dumb brats, Who will put pressure on me and cause me a ton of anxieties, Waste my money for toys that they're gonna break, Disrespect me and all alone if they'll be so ignorant...

Gledy Miranda

Do yall have 👂 cause like the doc told yall to stop filming and yall keep on recording like yall really are inconsiderent literally the doc was literally annoyed just like me

João Santos YT

Alguém é Brasileiro aqui

Hannah Holmes

OMG I didn't know ur life was so HECKNG hard! (This is not ur Channel so I can say heck)


Well done dude!

Ur Mom

ah yes the video I’ve been waiting on has finally came <3

Jody Skadsem

Does this mean Cory is panda?!

hello there: Borderland Final.

Anna Estvik

J.K Rowling 😋😍

Also me:6:00 now he started fortnite ooooooo

cat angel 4000 - Minecraft, Roblox and more!

I'm no name tagLike if you are too

Sibillbe SIBillbe

Cody's new nickname should be data

A.B 129

i have mild ocd but it isnt really cleanliness, sometimes i cover my mouth when others cough near me, but my anxiety is about time. i cant even be in a room that has a clock during finals in school

Aleksandar Mugosa

How watch this in 2019 like the comment



Nick Lovell

See walls work

Cee Gee

I fucking love your song choices

I'm A Nobody

This is so sad 😰

dakota sperl

I have been on the midway