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Challenge Gaming With Omar

i have it to i see the world in the eyes of an adult and im 12 march 12 2019

Sam the Arctic fox therian

Be careful how you title things guys😂 I was very mislead

MR. lucky



This dude took me to church and it’s Wednesday...

alara bolattas

Sind das jetzt Drillinge?

Melanie Draws

I click on this video expecting her to began to explaining how she shaved her head,but no I get welcomed to an actual nightmare that belonged to her 😂

mike yolo

You should talk backwards


Ihop vs Waffle House

Fely Adanza

oh my god what I like is the double wall and the balcony shot

Shin Katakaze Vlogs

Hit or miss?

Nathan Hernandez

Ty’s awesome


Came back to change my like into a dislike.

Bree Flawn

3:12 How dumb can you be as a TEACHER to believe that excuse. Most teachers I have meet in my life are ignorant of bullying or just say they care so they don’t look bad. The teacher can tell when you use your phone in class or break the smaller rules but can’t see or hear students abusing their peers. There has to be some accountability for these teachers when they ignoring bullying even when told by a student, staff, or even the victim themselves. Share the hashtag #TeachersWakeUp




RIP Chappadoodle

buks pudding


Sad beginning


do the harlem shake is an easter egg

Kuli Drawing

I didn’t understand the one with the brooms and the cup


JEEP heracane

Why did I mention religion? Because I've seen many people bring up religion to "discriminate" against gay people, and... tbh, I just... can't take religion seriously anymore. People would rather listen to a 2000-year-old book which has been mistranslated (intentionally or otherwise) and changed many times to fit with people's beliefs than give other people rights and even simple respect.



Matheus Castro

I have already watched the trailer for an hour... Just to make sure I haven't missed any details. Watching it in slow motion makes it even creepier.

Crip _YT


Evany Vega



10000 or more fps? i bet we can see the core of the explosion

Neharika Punjabi

All through the starting I was like don’t do it, you will get addicted. And guess what ??? They got addicted.


Where’s Cody

Videos of all the fails and misses

Prokiller 2448

I am watching this is in 2019 on conference championship night


dear god i love that song

a new channel

That’s a lot of dead chickens 😂

Jim Sattler


Im here before 1m views. Who's with me? 👋👋👋

DB 25

go to the shard London

peypey -.-

hasn’t this happened to every one???? bruh

Alexa Gallardo

#teamboy if baby is moving a lot like that where he flipped it’s definitely a boy 😍😊❤️

Average life of 🐘= 70 years

Many Games Gamer

Number 3 twinkle twinkle little star

Allisa Umairah

Good luck! Luv u❤

Trevor Mileto

I'm such a rage monster. Just... Less violent.

Ewan Copp

After meeting Sam and David? it's Henry David is the crazy old canible


#worth the wait


U,mmmm I saw a little bug on the begining is hard to see

It’s Cutz

Fortnite default skin

jedi master batguy10

1:17 top right corner

In the the twilight zone ~Looks at comments~