Surface Area of Three Dimensional Figures, Composite Solids, and Missing Dimensions - YouTube

*Please view this video from a computer for the correct answer to the last question.Thank you! :)In this video I show you how to find the surface area of three-dimensional figures using a bottom, top, left, right, front, back method.It is a much simpler method than using the formula for some students.If you would like to see the formula or net way please view my other surface area videos.In this video I also show you how to find the surface area of a composite solid and the missing dimension of a figure when given the surface area.I get a little silly in this video, hope I made you laugh!Math should be fun, right?!MY WEBSITE: ME: I am a middle school math teacher who started making videos for my students to help them on the math concepts in the classroom.Then I started receiving requests from others to make more math videos so, I decided to put it on YouTube so, that my video tutorials can help others.Hope you enjoy my quirky personality!If you hear an extraneous word in my video it is on purpose.Students who watch my video and write the extraneous word on their test get an extra five points added to their test score.Oh and by the way, I leave all of my mistakes in to make it more interesting!Thanks for w@tching!Follow me on Twitter!@themathtuber


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