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Jukka Rämö

Damn gears of war characters look ugly

Am I a joke to you?



Peggy Gillum

R.I.P Big Black

fish life

How is coby good at trick shots but bad at battles

Kirby Da gamer

I seen it in june11

DJ Drew

Is it wrong too like??


am I the unic person that ship them?

Flying Torso


Dok Champa

This video: Exists I seen how you did homeboy, so please take it easy (No, yeah)

Ya Weird girl

Girl that’s not a healthy relationship:(

Holden Lol

Do more of these!!!

TreSean Fields

Cody kept taking off his shorts when they did the trust shot with panda

Ivy’s Gacha Galaxy

At least there is always adoption


Drinks water bottle with a straw

Ten Gallon Juice

Ethan before being a dad: I sleep

stan iKON

That mukbang reference on the animation tho lol

Nadia Miller

Do part 3

I only got mine this year and I'm 12 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Panda Cruelty

Logan Byrne

FBI your being arrested for rice trafficking


the easter egg from amnesia was on swedish hallå = hello



Gabriel Souza

who wants Airsoft video leaves the like

The Purple Cat

My mother passed away from cancer when I was around 7 years old I found her lying in her hospital bed at home and I snuggled up with her (nobody ever cared.) and fell asleep when I woke up I went and made some of her favorite oatmeal she taught me to make. I put the bowl in front of her went upstairs and got into some actual clothes. I spent about an hour on my phone then went downstairs to get my stuff ready for school and went to go talk to my mom even though she didn't quite understand due to brain damage. But when I came downstairs and said I love you she didn't look at me. I said it again. And again. And again. I when to the other side of the bed looked at her and noticed a "dead" look in her eyes. I cried for hours, didn't eat, didn't get on the bus, didn't sleep, I just cried. You don't truly appreciate things until there forever gone.


I hope you do more of this series Guru, I think they are awesome.

Riley Brackman

he was off the bag tht double play at the beggining shouldnt count

wD Boogie

Wait so if they got married and your mum was 19 and your now 17 your mum was 2 when she had you???

Yung Friday

Lil skies stole the entire song

gp travis

Man I am so sorry for your lost it must be really hard accepting the loss of your love ones I lost my auntie a couple of months ago and you guys can think I am saying this to get attention but I still miss my auntie and can't wait to back with her again.😢 A harsh reality of our world.


2 hours per shot i beat

Wicked Amoeba

How the hell did he make mac and cheese fancy?! Is he a witch?!

Marsh Games

Uh wut did tyler just make this channel demonatized at 4:07?

Plague Boy

Bryan's buff

Social Loser

Watch Dogs legion looks dope

Nolimit Savv

This game definitely giving me the force unleashed vibes😭 miss that game

Levi Jones

I dont like watching you break stuff

Mollie Keyser

Ty you are a crazy person because of the rage monster

Mini Bot

If you realized that there is always a rage monster in the stereotype videos, like this coment

Sara wood

I feel sorry for the guys setting up the cups


Do you guys ever reveal who is behind the panda bear mascot ???????