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Ben L


Anvar Abdiyev

Coby is one of the best player in battles , in my opinion

7.compares you to others.

Malikeye Elliott

You really are Perfect.

Catherine Wood

Your so close to 10 million, Good luck! ❤️


T gay


Chucky vs Michael J Fox, remake for realsies

Nicholas Loscalzo

On the Multiplayer map Metro, You can find a fridge with all of the Perk-A-Cola bottles in it.


Please could you do a theory on Scary Movie! 😁



x2 vlogs

dude perfect I am biggest fan of you but Sir please do not cut trees


This is so sad...

Snoop Ham

God and Jesus are there to talk

Memphis Tanton

The touchdown

MarTin ShorLux

Never stop making videos Guru <3 unless you hate doing so haha

Mr. Albert

Jaiden: What the fu-

Momo • Villarreal

I’m skinny and I’m not on a diet ppl are always telling me to eat. I do but I’m still a skeleton

Joao Lucas

The grarrat" thenks

Lillian McEvers

Ummmm... this is insane. Like the beginning is fine, but then there's emotional and physical abuse going on. I feel so bad for this girl and her brother

Fatimah.juhura Timah

Seems like they not let it go.. TT


question to the people making this: what ranch is that?

Klaus Fischer

Looks awesome. I'll buy it next year when it's available on Steam...


I doubt you missed it but there's a definite nod to MGS. The banks name is "sons of liberty" in one of the later areas

Joe Scaletta

Tony did hit him after the buzzer went off so i can see why the crowd is mad that jab was a powerfull shot and it definitely didnt help donalds eye open up any wider nontheless it was still a great fight.

Donald Trump

Bruh I wanna fuck around in palpatines stadium!


We love with HIM een we watch this now but if we were there we would Billy HIM i think

Słowłėy Dÿing

My mom is curling my hair with a curling iron


Ladies and gentle men boys and girls daddy and mommy grandpa and grandma Thats all I have to say Thank you for youre attention

shahad alsanea

"I'm not a monster " .. okay 🚶🏽

Zangh Fei

not really, is not Easter egg (yeah it is), he was part and found from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker


Fucking heat boys 🔥

Sari Brown

Well nobody told u about it and you can be different from other people to

Mojang won, though.

Sarah Java

I know your name now #josephAllen

awais pak

@sljffdd yeah you go that right and dude! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight =>

Matthew Cudney

Great ty

But another easter egg can be found on the map Inferno.

lapis lord22

Minute videos huh

Hallow Dusse

Shit trash


I was bo4n in port or Rico but then moved to Wyoming when I was a 5


A Chinese restaurant is named Naughty DOG. I wonder what they eat there



Parent: Tell them what you want to eat


First winter.... now mayhem is coming.

Sami Khan

Dp wins

Aziz A.A

Why boo him? are all those fans teenagers or just started watching UFC or what is it with them? Grrrrrrrr

Catfish Kingdom

She secretly controls you, because you are a robot


I feel like this video came to the opposite conclusion it lead us to.


yes... they are....


"I was a normal boy who played a lot of sports"


Its the suit charger plate from HL1 in a HL2 mission.