Teachers React "Don't Stay In School" - YouTube

This was for my senior project I hope you guys enjoy!!!!!!! :D

Random Jack

How many attempts on the trust shot

yoyo johnny 67

I’m the tree magnet 😭

Neon Swapz

You're like Morgan Freeman Jr.

One taught me pain”

lil skies: I dont think thats a good idea...

wa ge

wrap it before you tap it

Daniël Jonker

What are those ??

Tanya Cruz



R.I.P Jose Fernandez

Mr. Pine

It’s 2018 but still cats name is Oreo


Yooo FBE actually tho do a react to either adults, college or elders to Token. Specifically Exception an Doozy!

Beto Lazcano

Is it gonna be linear?

Ramen Roger

3 likes & i'll break my moms phone

Brian Bellows

Like if you’re on team Coby pound it noggin see ya


The cats name is panda

Sandrean Blue

I didn't go through bullying or anything that bad, so why am I crying over another persons story that also has asperger?! X'D

She was in the hospital for months and months, then one day I came back home from school, my Mom wasn't at the door to welcome me and my dad back, so I decided to try to go to my Mom (She was laying in her bed.) when I tried to go in to her bedroom to hug her my Dad stopped me and said, "I think it is best to leave Mom alone." I said, "Okay." My Dad replied with, "Come on let's go for a walk in the forest, I have something to tell you." And so we did go for a walk, when we found a place to sit down my Dad said, "Grandmother's dead." I blankly stared, in shock, when we came back to our house, I didn't talk to my Mom, after a few days I calmed down, and I was able to talk to my Mom, and she told my that the doctors found out what my Grandmother had to die, I can't really remember what she said, but what I think what my mom said was that my Grandmother had a very rare disease, that only two doctors in the world (I think.) could cure it... I can't remember though, but it was something like that... I am 12 now, but I still miss her... - Katelyn


edmund moses arias

kd must play game 6, he dont need to crossover just shoot it man so you wont get injured

julia o

i have another million dollar idea for you: make the post in chonological order, not on likes! Just an idea

All Kerala Vinu Fans Association

Who is the 🐼 Panda

Top kisa


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When he was throwing the tennis balls did he flip us off


Anwar is scary as fuck

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Did anyone see Tyler in the backround at 3:14 ?

My-Uh Animations

Why does this channel makes it seem like doctors are frickin idiots?

FNAF Kittens



Remake pizza sushi from kitchen nightmares


Christians have left the chat.

(Team Fortress 2 jokes)


https://youtu.be/2qH6gPZS1zI .... literally whats different????

Stefano Gomez

0:38...shouldn’t the water around her be frozen? I thought everything she touched would freeze.....

Manuel De Jesus Perez Manzueta

Si le esto tengo una amiga que se sabe todo

Nina Vezmar


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Burgaler: let me in!!

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film with the Arizona Cardinals

I am hyped! 😱


Tom Brady

Michael Russell

I feel bad for the kids who've never watched any of Monty pythons movies.. my childhood lol

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See walls do work

Kush Unadkat

Good work with those organic structures and everything


I didn't know this was from the perspective of a psycopath.

Summayah Wali

00:0 omg this is what im going through.. like all my class have this one person , i think i have found mine but.. they seem to have bean found with someone else to :(

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This is so sad

Bob Ross

Frozen book of water

Candice Perry

Anybody can wash the cars

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I would say “hot ones” stands for the guest at this point, but i dont want to add fuel to the fire 😂

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unsub for all the bullshit they leave around the screen

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Ty I'd my favorite😍💕

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pleas in India

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Imagine how long it took them to conquer that. 😂

*Kpop fan entered the chat*