The Aim - Motivational short film

This is our movie project for InfoMatrix 2013. It's a motivational movie for us to getting a better education.Project owners are Turan Mural, and Aidos Bolat from Kazakhstan, Taldykorgan Kazakh-Turkish high school.Canon 550D Short


i once woke up in another guys apartment .

McDonald's vs Burger King

Nils klingenborg

1:45 piiiip


Asmr starts at 4:03. Y'all can thank me l8r. :^)

lυcα ωσlғ

I was born 4 months premature. I had a twin brother who was a miscarriage, scars from needles on my legs from all of the needles that were all over my body, apparently I almost died multiple times throughout that time frame (heart stopped beating & stopped breathing all together), and stayed in the hospital for 108 days without any sort of condition due to it besides having a much slower process to learn in which I was held back a year but now years later, I'm in all honors. Born on April 11th and was meant to be born on August 8th.

rodney compton

Why am I watching in August


JAMES IN THE NINTENDO SWITCH IS COMING A DARK CRISTAL GAME CALLED The dark crystal tactics (I think you should upload it in theods2sout)


Yeah I didn't use a few simply because I didn't want the video to be too long, also there were some that a lot of people wouldn't get. (TMNT one for example)

Chloe Potter

It’s nice to see a nice Step mother.

Raul Arizpe

i'm the guy that max everthing out you need them ganes

Danny Saeteros


charlie jones

I had did the sanits 3 glitch I was the second in the world on my cuz channel

Stephanie Roberts

I too got pregnant at a party . I thank God that although I did not stay with the babies father ,it was not the end of my life as I supposed. It was the beginning of a new life. I was in denial for about 4 and a half mths. I had a drinking problem and didnt know how bad of a problem I had until I tried to quit. I also smoked marijuana often. Finally a relative took me to the dr. I came out crying thinking my life was over but oh how I was so wrong. My mom prayed and had her church and other family members pray for me. They invited me to church, although I didn't want to be there, I went because my mom asked me to. That night God saved me from my sins as I poured my heart out to him. He changed my wild heart to a mommy's heart. My son was a gift from God that brought me to himself. When my son was 4 mths old I married. My husband took care of me and my baby. We dedicated my baby to the Lord and took him to church every chance we had. He is now 23 yrs old and happily married and is a worship leader at his church. I miss him because he always had the right song to sing mommy at the right time. Babies are blessings and I now have raised 3 ( well almost), my youngest is a girl and she is 15 . All of the babies were and have been such blessings .All 3 are so different and all three are so precious. What I once thought was the end of my life actually became the end of a lonely life and a beginning of a precious one. I hope my story can encourage you.


Zombie Burger 4:34 O.O


Mama Tea

Lol you basically walk the line between life and death. Depending on how intense your labor, you can really feel that...


Fortnites pretty good because it is funding epic games and they did make unreal engine 4 Soo people who say fortnite needs to die are forgetting that the company behind it is responsible for creating the engine for Many many good games

Claire Cheek

Dear Dude PerfectEvery single shot in that this video is great. I wish I could have been there to watch and personal. Love all of your videos I love your channel I describe and like and turn on notifications to your channel into every single video you make so when you make a new video I get to watch it. If you can can you please make one of me playing football with you guys I would love that to happen.Sincerely Aiden

Kimberley Decamps

Not trying to be a pain but I think I would of had more of a chance to save those shots than u four

Fatima Ali

Wow I love Starbucks


Jesus, this breaks my heart.


What is a113 guru

Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

I remembered being discriminated as a foreigner in an international school before. It was horrible but I managed to tell my parents about it and they told the counselor to counteract the bullies. Glad that poor Russian girl made it through in life! :D

S u n F l o w e r

my husband beats me... in mario kart

Chase B

If u see at 33 in the back there was a blue dart on 11 were Cody’s was cheater but we already new u guys cheated not the f2 soccer people u guy take a bunch of turns for trick shots

* GachaInTheSky *

Before: I nearly didn’t write Harry Potter

Erica Brooks

1:54 eyebrows have left the chat

But I really don't want to buy it on Epic Games...

H-O Hockey stunts

Nice recoil shot ty

Johnny Dickshot

Let it go?

Cole Leiss

Do one off of Sears tower in Ohio Chicogo or in the Seattle Tower


I already know they fall for each other since it says "romantic comedy," except I didn't even laugh cause the girl is just so unlikable.