The Cheese Touch Scene but every "Cheese" causes a 2db bass boost

Was this video too cheesy?

Lexie Guillory

U spelled Dude Perfet show wrongDude Perfect Show


#YIAYjob prostitute

Eervy Bank Ever

Dylon Edwards

Red team

Floorioo Gaming

Cody dab shot

Jasmine Fechner

This gives me nostalgia

Michelle Gilmore

Mnju, no

Singalong Monkey

That was a hockey stick in 0:39


Maybe try and do an easter egg video with voice sometime? :3

Mace 2.0

2:38 Spellcheck: It's Gideon. Read the comics.

SHrEKs AdVentuRe?!1!1?!1

-You are a genius!!!!

Ria Divine

Getting dark are we


Im eating cereal

Logan Cook

My house


What is the song used in the video?


Warriors investor, not a fan

B Dog

thumbs up for 0:59!!!

Alexander Castro

You know your memes. Take my like.

Jose Tapia


Zero Dawn

So, Dynamax Tyranitar is basically Godzilla