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From 'Why Do We Fall?' To 'Fear Will Find You Again,'From 'Deshi Bashara' To Conquering His Fear Among The Bats,From A Broken Back To The Huge Leap,This Scene Epitomises Why Christopher Nolan Is One Of The Greatest Filmmakers Of This Era. Enjoy :)RISEI do not own the rights to this scene. This video belongs to Warner Brothers. This is just a clip from the film 'The Dark Knight Rises.'


Wilhem Scream

Bom Bon



I'm extremely impressed that a) he barely breaks a sweat and b) he keeps his British accent throughout

Mr Quinn

Nice video Did you do do it with Chris and Aaron because they do State Farm commercials

Yoav Milikow

lol r all these videos real or fiction?


If yes than dame son

Parents: HoW cOuLd YoU tHinK sO LiTtlE oF Us

Rdgk Brothers

love panda put him in more vids


Did you guys write this or is this a very old tale.

Gunjan Bhardwaj

No one noticed that panda has never won a battle

reaper ct

How come its all way a blue saber how come thay cant chang it up with a green saber or a yellow saber or even purple all you see is blue all the time

Freddie Vasa

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Also Nintendo-


This was made when I was two years old



This game makes u think "is this an easter egg or part of the storyline?"



It makes me feel odd...

Alex Mak

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Billy Kuhn

I’d like to see a show with LeBron James!

Photo Show

I went to the course and saw the dents from arrows

Mya R

The characters look like the thumbnail

Destinee Wrenn

girl, chill on the whole gentle thing....youre gonna break the egg anyways!

Efe Duran

la la land ^_^


can you kill the golden chicken ?

To Many Memes For Me To Read

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😕😔 well good story 😍

Emil Omnic

Percy Jackson vs Scott Pilgrim.

Cj Demetrius

Fortnite is my favorite game

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Marcos Z.R

Love you guru im from Argentina

Lissette Rodriguez

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She is stunning! And she cleaned those wings. I think I’m in love

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