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Death Stalker

I love gta iv but I can't download it


Go to Iowa

2. I think of these Easter Eggs as a gift to their fans, as a big fan of Naughty Dog, I loved these as they reference some of my favourite games, especially Jak & Daxter.


I like how the top comments are kinda hatred because the story just doesn’t add up. First glance you think oh this might be interesting but then you realize she’s just ungrateful and doesn’t appreciate anything. Her boyfriend obviously was cheating and then they were apparently broken up but we had never gotten that story. And who runs into the same person everyday. I mean if it was I small city I would understand but I do believe it’s a big City because of huge businesses they are talking about... In all my opinion is the story line doesn’t add up. Personally not hating I would just like more explanations and the tops comments that I so called hatred are true with what they say...

Pryncess Koch

I am crying my eyes out


this bgm sounds like music from My Time at Portia...


What happens if you turn it to the LEFT not the RIGHT but the LEFT

vaishali kashid

I want to see the Panda's face😂

Elena DiCaprio


Matt Schlicht

And this is why we love yoga pants...


there was also the poster with the kiss to yhe right was lost dog named bolt reference to the movie bolt

ninth is you know what ;)

I am Satan

I’m a secure and my boyfriend is anxious, but the thing is we both are younger than 18 we can’t spend a lot of time together other that weekends and school. And sometimes I have to go somewhere with my parents and I can’t text him, he understands that but he always thinks I’m trying to avoid him. I wanna know his opinion on things but he refuses to answer in case I stop liking him. I try to get him to understand that I’m going to be here and I’m not going to leave. Anyone have any tips to ease the situation?


That ending omg I died hahaha

Pete boy ABC

Fortnite is terrible, Minecraft is way better


I had a job once working in a group home for children in situations like these, but most of them were taken out of their homes because of some serious abuse or neglect going on. It was a really emotionally difficult job. I could see there were a lot of trust issues with these children because they had been through so much, some of them bounced around through the foster care system and sent to live with horrible people. They were afraid to settle down because they never knew when they'd be sent away again and some of them were very angry and had PTSD or severe anxiety issues. All I could do was try and give them some sort of emotional comfort in the short time that I had with them, and every day I think of those kids and wonder if I was able to make an impact on them even in a small way.

Trent Veukiso

i have sub and liked your video

ฐิติมา ศาสตร์ดํารง

I think I'm watch this video in MinutesVideo Thailand....Hmmm

Jonny Gamer

Thats Subway

manish sonwani

Really yiu ossum

So basically she does nothing.

ElizaTheCat 11

Poor ty

Adam Hodgins

i dont no i stil think i have to give this to burger king ^_^


you should do kendamas

... ... ... ... ... ... ..\ : : : : : : : : \: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :|: : : :\|


When you are in an abusive relationship, get out! Leave! Don't turn back! No excuses! Just leave!

Monyque Watson

I think this is the most I’ve ever seen marbles move!

Pro XD

its really 2009 year?i dont know

Whatever Vlogs

This is so sad I cried.


I wrote a information booklet in bipolar disorder recently. It was an incredibly eye opening experience.

Jay DeLeon

only thing, you only showed one of the graves for that MW3 one

The only time where my mind can take control and lead the intrepid ride that I undoubtedly enjoy,

DanTDM Jr.


Sam Friel

love vids

damen ardito

they should get a dog

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

ØG DønutZ

18:00 JJ lmao

Chepngetich Diana

Wow..Joseph Allen..Kenya knows your name...positive vibes only💯💯💯

Sanchit Dhunna


Lewd Knight

I still feel bad for that girl in MW3 she died so hard and she was gonna have a good day poor girl

Wayne Green

the kayak

4. Old Castaway (has a VERY long beard)

Nightcore Bagel

Me: Leavs comment

Pavel Holovati

3:08 what is it

Amir Estejab



Johnny Sucks in the NFL

2018 ty was great


Who is the guy in blue with touch of white long sleeves? Sorry this mv was advertise to the video I was watching and I find them cool