The Hitchhiker

A man hitches for a ride

Zach Avery

Great vid

Julie Reeves

You didn't create addidas you would be over 110 years old

Jose Sanchez

Thanks for all your great videos. I have been cooking a lot more thanks to you! Could you show us how to cook Beef Tongue?

Fish Master

If they hit 20,000,000 subscribers they should do a panda reveille


The Transition between the Hitman easter egg and the Hitman game was nice :)

Aló Fono

Why did he wait 8 years?


I love when my camera does the thing where it shows where it took damage from


Haha. I have seen the Iron Sky movie many times, and never realized that Tardis. :D


lol, i wish i could find a guy that doesn't leave after i say i have autism.

D4rkness H.R.S

Minute videos but the video is 6:59 minutes lol

Damir Kamal


Anime Lover

I don't have time to.. Explain- •bumps into my door•


But I’m still young.... :/

Umbra Witcher

This is the first video that I liked before I watched it just because I knew it would be awesome.

redza abbashy

I wonder what the guys who trapped Lara did to her...

Jared Morrow


Fargoth The Bosmer

Madd fanboi dectected


Toronto fans were cheering when they realized KD was injured.


I’m 12, and for me Fortnite is boring af I don’t find it any fun or addicting

Marco & Cilla

Awhhh I just went thru this too with my son !! It was the best thing that has ever happened in my life! I love my son so much💙💙💙

Thomas Cremens

905,850th view

Meiral the Dark white fox XD

I go to school everyday.. ;-;

I love that story I think its very

Matt Earl

Great video, very informative and well edited. Dropped a like

tez b

not impressed untill you do it from the burj dubai

Gaming Pringle

Panda you are brave

biccie _18

1M✅ You should not be scared you cannot hide.