The Meaning of Colors for a Spiritual Seeker | Sadhguru

Sadhguru explains the nature of color, and looks at how some chakras are connected with certain colors. He also explains how a spiritual seeker can use certain colors to their benefit, depending on their situation and path. Those on a path where they do not wish to gather anything, wear white. If someone's sadhana is intense and oriented towards the agna chakra, they wear orange. He also explains why Buddhist monks initially wore yellow robes, and why they later switched to maroon.****************************************Transcript: Now, the color of the clothes or the colors of anything around you, does it have some impact? You need to understand this. How color happens, first of all? Why this (is) seems to be white right now is because when the light falls on it, it reflects all of it, so it looks white. Why this seems to be red right now, is not because it’s red. It is just that it holds back all the colors and only reflects red. That’s why you’re seeing red. And what is red for you may not be red for some other creature. If you dress up really jazzy colors and go and stand in front of your dog he looks at you in an uninterested way, because he doesn’t see any color, he sees everything black and white, do you know this? Don’t dress up for him, okay? (Laughter) Dog lovers, I’m saying. You wear only black and white, dog lovers. Nothing else works. You don’t impress him with red, green, blue and whatever.So, color is not what it is, color is what it gives away. What you reflect will be your color. What you hold will not be your color. This is the nature of life, not just of color. This is the nature of life itself. Today if you radiate love, people will see you as a loving human being. If you hold back all your love, because you’re a very… you’re a love bank, you’re full of love, but you don’t radiate, people will think you’re (Gesture) that. If you radiate joy, people will think, ‘Oh, he’s a joyful person.’ If you are a joy bank, you held back all your joy because you want to take it to heaven, people won’t experience you as a joyful human being, isn’t it? What you give away is always your quality, isn’t it so? So that is not just for a human being, that is the nature of the Existence itself. What is thrown away is the quality of that substance. Now, this reflects everything, so this is white. That reflects only red, so it is red. That reflects only blue so it is blue. Everything else is held back. What it holds back you don’t see. What it gives away is what you see.So, how is color significant for human consciousness as such, or for any kind of spiritual process? It is significant in the sense that the color that you reflect, will naturally add to the aura that you carry. People on the ascetic path don’t want to wear anything, because they don’t want to add any new things to them. They just want to work with what they have. They don’t want to take on anything more. What you are right now, to work that out is quite substantial. Adding one more thing and one more thing, it complicates. So they don’t want anything, they walk naked. If socially walking naked is difficult, they will put on one little loin cloth so that socially there is no issue. But the idea is, they don’t take on anything more than what they are. They know what they are is substantial. There’re other aspects to it, that’s different. I’m saying about the color.Read Full Transcript: Videos & Blogs on Websitemystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. Subscribe to our channel here:Guided Meditation by Sadhguru atYoga Tools For Transformation at Facebook Page of SadhguruTwitter Profile of SadhguruSadhguru App 📲

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