The Snowflake Generation? A Response to Thoughty2

Content Warning: Flashing images, sexual assault"The Snowflake Generation" kinda sounds like a Hitman escalationVideos used:

Content Brony

You forgot one where a loyal fan of Bethesda was rememberd as a character in nuka world


how the hell do you awesome guys gets to do all this amazing stuff at all these amazing places

Or is it because I am lazy

Bizerk Flipper

2020? I’m going ahead a year

(also what is with the backward singing?)

Stephanie Smith


Mya Byrd

I found out I was lesbian when I wanted to kiss my best friend when I confessed she smiled and walked away she didn’t like girls that way in it hurt me that was the last time I ever saw her. My aunt is the same so she helps out I confessed to my dad mom and grandmas but my friend still makes jokes I was eating breakfast at school and talking with him when he said “ I can’t believe I’m sitting and talking with a lesbian” I was embarrassed but ignored it he then said homophobic stereotypes and I slapped him I’m still friends but it’s better and I have to explain to so many people I don’t like him I like girls


Really dude really?!?!

Yolo_ Killer5x

Cody it was 16 bounces

Kaleb_ _gaming

This is a really inspiring video for me, I've been told that my ideas would never worked and I've been picked on but I was about to give up until I clicked on this video...

Moon Music and more

Why so much food waste 😔

DMB Kryptic


Jacquline Yesupatham


Darul E.

Finally! I'm beyond excited!

marki cat

It hapend to me when I was a kid but not being under debelopt

Nintendo Gamer

Awesome shots

Nash gaming

fellow weebs saw this and instantly got magneted also


which virtual reality is this

ej leeper

You guys have to be basketball players

Hailey Holuk

eg-ze-ma tf i thought it was x-sa-ma. eczema? idek


he thought he wanted to ply hide and seek

Michelle Darling

Panda will win


When I'm 8 I play video games and no going school


Cody nickname should be the tall guy


xxpj Msp

Omg this made me cry

Number 1 jacksepticeye fan

41:42 Samantha's teddy is behind her

exru blg

This girl hasn't even told her mom but tells the whole world

Carrie Benedict

Film with travas kelce

Three Grounds

Good name choice. Scarlett is way better than Brie

Rafael V.T

I Am Jealous Of You


Excited for Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us 2? That is where all of the easter eggs are gonna be poppin'

sweet sugar

My mum is exactly the same

yasmine ibarra

feet dirty dude!!!!

Adoption is an option. If I were your boyfriend,


army: jungoo is a baby


great work!

Kristi Bullock

Why des Tyler get to do all the cool stuff?

only furti bangla


Coleton k

gloriousywaaa ggg gloriousywaa oh lord

Bran The Man

Garret got 2 out of five

Donald Trump

So no one gna talk about this fire ass water edit at 0:53 🔥💦🔥💧

Joey Geske

Poor coby😪


where did you guyes get these planes

Noe Nunes

Ti looks the best

Stijn Carpentier

volley for the absolute win. beachvolley to rule the universe


Holy shit so that means that the assassins creed universe is in collision with the watch dips universe

Kim Matheny

you should go to Ohio

Mintyicey Fox

I have a heart murmur

Yammo Yammamoto

Soo I'm trying to understand feminism and cultural relativism...

Smooty Boyz

Woow it's so funny hahahaha


Jesus that was horrible RIP unknown girl from that game that i haven't played 7:26

Vinny Souto

you also forgot another part of the DLC easter egg. in one of the more northwestern version of the lost expedition, Jason accidently activates a bomb. He then has to start climbing up this, i want to say, silo but I'm not really sure. When your climbing up, Jason says and quotes "Man... I wish i had a portal"