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Stevan Cavalcanti

@FunWithGuru lmao love the sheep  and the diamond sword from minecraft XD

Vortex Equalizer

Make another asmr in movies and can u add the asmr scene from robocop 2014 "taste like peanut butter"


My name is Ricky


@Reemxd lol


Dan every time you make it

Joel Tan

King of random try building a jet-engine




No vases were hurt in the making of this film


I am the human controller idk why

Semih Yaman

Ulan sabahtan beri ip arıyorum.

Thomas Pitsargiotis

at the mw3 mission the grave says: αναπαυσον εν ειρήνη (ancient greek) meaning rest in peace

Christian Cledera

Is that MEO


My friend was at a camp close to there and he said he met you


My Dick 2019 get onit!


Arztotska is a Country, not a city

Bethany Rimann

LOL I love the beginning 😂😂

Sidra Loves1D

I love these stories they're amazing🤗🤗

Pratham Lalwani

Like for panda......

Athony Nesbitt

What a dumb ass, all he had to do was sit there and enjoy the dam game,

Senor Grav

Ahh Jeff doesn’t deserve it

Σigma_PeterZ : 3

“Who needs flowers if you have followers”

Sea Lily

Anxiety never really goes away. Its learning to choose whether to listen it or not.

Fuck u

1:33 It is the same rocks that was shown on Brave (Merida’s movie)

Stella Prince

I just realized I’m only two years old than mr.marbles

Lλven Croft

dude you r god how do u found these easter eggs??


Uhhh i was just watching Brent Rivera 🤔

Aquarius Oil Tanker

are those real guns?

Cola Calamity

When she says "My parents aren't home." 0:50

Drawing With Nasra

WAIT.... i am comfused is jim the one that cheated!?!?!? cause if hes not she can decide like oml, omfl, OMFG OMG OMG I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... i don't what am i like. LOL THAT WAS FUGGING/FREAKING DEEP YASS Don;t you think???}

through this press greatteammon.win/?ngfs5G


awesome idea, brings a new layer to these videos!

Edong Quizon

You guys are the best at making videos you deserve to have 1M Subscribers woo hooo!

Rosile Oum


Baron Thundercunt

Mrs honey in Matilda literally awoke my sexuality. God damn she's fine. I had completely forgotten.

Iggy Diamz

7:23 When did that ever happen in a mario game? And the fire stick or fireball from the original nes doesn't count.

Peter Cagwin


kerri robinson

Whats the youtube channel


Halle don’t need no “butt glue”, dat ass perfect!

Sgt Mountain Dew


tre tre

I hope that some day cory will have to own a cat

yardaan chothia

Dickbutt 4 life

Pomo Plays

left a like guru