Top 10 American National Anthem Performance Fails

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gacha bunny

Moral of the story:

blanca campa

My favorite shot Was AllOF THEM

Kidd GT

dang he was gone

rock androllman

hey! shark shark jaws movie is comeing😆😆😆😆😆😆😍😍😍😍😍😍

Ŵïłłöŵ_ Płäŷż

My grades started to drop...A- GIRL

The runner ((It's YouTube, I got it wrong. Sorry.))

The good news is out of the 150 to 200 kids there...i won 3rd place and still have the trophy ! They made fun of me for the orange color car and no decorations but I had the last laugh ! Again, great video !!!!

Stefan DiCorrado

this was good

Deanna Ward

90000000000000000000000000000 bounces

Minute videos: yes

Caleb Mattingly

2018 October?

Angel McCoy

I’m team all DUDE PERFECT

Coco Freedom

Idk i think kyle lowry was a bit irresponsable also.

Coffee Aroma

Ambivert with social anxiety (with people I don't know)

Y= over excited

Jin Kazama_ TekkenGamer

me: *cough*

Yo a

3:14 Look behind

Teena Greditson

could you guys do it in burj kalifa....

Ramiro Hdz


Basket Baller3


Aurelius Torres

Where is that

botak gaming

Oh no! Whats happen to the ball!?!??!

NedaMeda 1

Im still looking for part 2 of this stupid story lmao


Amazon diyan goal emosi Scudeto duck dork 5rb Ulhak TV kasian TV flick FML taken disc zoo

Max Cardona

team necklace

exit just live the life

I support you always Tyler comon comon you are the champion and the leader of dude perfect I am extremely sorry to see this at 2018because I knew this dude perfect at 2018 because my brother also knew at 2018 and he is the one told me the channel

Shawn Dreinan Ramos

3rd battle is 10 booster

Dyp Fmb

I thought they were triplets. Why are you guys taking of 1 baby and not babys?


Nice vid bro. Simple and efficient. Gave you a like just after the 1st Easter Egg.

Alexa..Play despacito

Chi Phan. D

i have no doubt or problem to a gay or bi, les friends. it still regular person but diffrenece personality

Bourbon Kid

na tom da haste noch einiges zu üben ;)

Jack Heuston

Name one baseball player...

payal nanda

They should film Chris Hemsworth p(Thor)

Anata Blak

My mum kicked me out lel

123 456

o my god ik have my period now for 5 weeks straight its hell in so scared im going to have this to

Guinea pig lover

Tyler's dad

Razz Gaming

I think it fake because they never have good reaction

Danielle Gonzalez

Why would you even do that I luv my phone


My Top 10 TV References in Video Games - Out June 8th.

Rachel Hevesi

I like the song and 5 likes : 1win for cody


0:15 Is Mark Ruffalo a sports reporter now? 😂


tell me, what is that red liquid thing?

Jonny Wood

how long would a 30 minute video take

Alycia Amor- Garcia

You should do Stephen Curry next

5:22 se le olvido ponerlo y se ve que la tierra es plana