Top 10 greatest martial arts actors ever ! ( part 2 ) - YouTube

Martial Arts Best Actors This is my personnal opinion ! Tracklist : Fairy Tail Epic Theme (Hip Hop Remix)Sremmurd - Black Beatles InstrumentalLamar - HUMBLE. (INSTRUMENTAL)Man 2 Rap Beat mask off - saxophone coverfor watching !

Lord Fr3ze

Im switching to battlefield whos coming with me and escape from the new cancer incoming

Sandie Weston

doug baldwen


People are mad saying he got robbed but my man is size 15 he only got a little robbed


cool finds :)

fortnite pro

Ste český team

Pika Memez

I don’t go to the gym anymore cause we didn’t work out

I hop in foreigns for my boys who took a ride in that hearse

Chayton Gilmore

@xlPressMelxYeah lol

Karolyn Baldwin

Fuck around and give you my last name, I know you tired of the same damn thang 💍

Ninjay 5252

I loved the song so much j bought it. I don't regret it

tymoor Miah 2


Canal de Qualquer Coisa!

Alguém avisa a Damares? Preciso da análise dela

mimi 30


Shannon Rose

Reminds me of an episode on Black Mirror.


Ending outro is so smooth omg guru you're Nuts!

Ribby One

Or you could watch the rest of the video.


you really have to explain what Steam is to someone who's watching Steam game play?

Tina Diana

I don’t get it😩


Wow this is the same thing happened to me, except, my grandpa didn’t passed away by a heart attack

Ronnie D

When I found the dead space Easter egg when the guy was playing it I saw it and I was like that's dead space to make sure I searched it up and there was nothing there no videos nothing saying Easter egg so I was like OMG I found a Easter egg that nobody knew so then this video came out and I was like finally people notice


This is so sad, can we get a 50 million likes???

like+comment - both of them

Mike Lawrence

Forced diversity in the team from the video! Hmm...


When I saw it in the cinema, I'm 99% sure that at the end when they're all in the machine there was a PS4 controller going by. This might be a reference to the game


2:20 почта России xD

chen nancy



then how come its a pick axe

The Entrepeneur

I’m 22 and I finished college recently in economics and now I’m a stock market investor in Wall Street

Amanda Wade

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cupcake Cart

If you pull that out on a plane I'm getting off halfway.

Sh ook

Tseries beating Pewdiepie is the end of the world

Lex Stacks

Steph should've kept his mouth shut talkin about the Raptors "janky" defense.. even tho it worked. They couldn't score. Took an Iggy 3 to save them 🤣😂. Or it been sweep. Oh and 92 pts in gm 4 ?

Solar Red

He’s married?!

Not Now John

I'm confused now, is this serious?

Austin Eli

Awesome music

Oof Oofers

I'm eating chocolate while watching this....😭

Maureen message Pagcaliwagan

I did it

Sydney T


the puddlesucker

Dude I love your editing, it's so good

kookie ARMY

💜LOVE YOURSELF 💜 Buy expensive foods + Buy Expensive gifts + Go to fancy restaurants + Calls her fat or slob = Best logic

Sheeba Lijo

Tyler acts so gay in this vid


wHy Is GrAnDmA BlAcK!?

Evani Larioza

Just let the girl free,just let her be happy,its not hard to leave people alone.

Jennie Green

4:25 wow that looks like animal mateing or anmal sex


How much sand did y'all hit out of that bunker? Literally looks empty!