Top 10 NITs in India - 2019

#NIT #Top10 #CollegeSuggest #KnowYourCollege #EngineeringTop 10NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 2019!NITs are one of the most sought-after institutions in India receiving huge grants much like the IITs. With over 30 NITs in India, these are the best-performing ones. CUT-OFFs for ALL NITS:always, we only consider the facts from the NIRF. Here are the links to the NIRF files that we considered for every single college:NIT SILCHAR: DURGAPUR: ALLAHABAD: KURUKSHETRA: NAGPUR: CALICUT: WARANGAL: SURATKAL: ROURKELA: TRICHY:

Nicholas H

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Monse Montoya

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Ellie x

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Aj Lopez

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Landon Clement

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Dylan's Thoughts

Favourite movie from 2010-2015?

Robert Hicks

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Zahirah Davis

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A Pineapple

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Corgi Queen

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King Sims III

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Being bad at school is actually fun and funny but I stopped Cos I kept getting in really big trouble



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Trxppie Highlights

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Bryce 55

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