TOP 15 NBA Players Funniest Commercials

NBA Superstars with best funny commercials : DeMarcus Cousins,Blake Griffin,Chris Paul,Karl-Anthony Towns,Carmelo Anthony,Jimmy Butler,Damian Lillard,Kyrie Irving,Anthony Davis,Stephen Curry,Kevin Durant,Kawhi Leonard,Lebron James,James Harden,Russell Westbrook and moreDISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intendedAll credits to NBA and producers of these videos

Paul Mitchell

Honestly Guru is one of the only channels I can consistently watch, I like how he finds things that would be impossible for me to find. Keep up the good work

Hat San

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Vic O

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Colin Reihel

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Hemo Debo

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Tommy Mick

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Puerto Rican

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Micah Chavez

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Narwhal Domination


Danielle Gough

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Maize Nation

r u guys even allowed to be at the football stadiums

Argina begam

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Frank Gansukh

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Kelly Newton

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R. Alford

The Last Of Us ending and last level gives me goosebumps and all the feels 😀


Press F To Pay Respects

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Dear Tati, I would love it if you did a video of your top five favorites of every category <3

Cookie Cake

Watching this video I don't think "Hey, they never met." The video felt so real and they loved each other like they knew each other for a million years.


Do Golf Trick shots 2!!!! It's been a long time

James Lee

Thanks again for creative and helpful informational video Guru!

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Day three: cramps

Body Needs Water Please

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Janie Carpenter

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Lilly London's Workshop

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James Woods

Is It Ironic That The Channel Is Called Minute Videos But This Video Is 10:32.

Monica’s Fake reality

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