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Why does the gun have him?

Hardcore American Gamer

Ew don't touch the players now you have AIDS good job smh.

Valentin Felipe

Do a stereo type vid plz am I right like if agree


Anyone else come here to re watch it?


Could you do something about Mortal Kombat X please?

Sandro Moreira

Black mirror 😂😂

Bully Koopa



i think when halo 4 will come out you can't upload videos about it



But mythbusters slingshot was bigger

Abdul Muqeet Sheikh

Coby never lose hope

William Morse

The ending scared me. Landon -*mumbling

Brayden Peck

0:06-0:08 that makes no fuking sense

Black Puma

so funny panda


Do you own all these games or do you just use other peoples gameplay?

Emanuel Brown

Lebron Lebron Lebron, 😔😔😔smh


I’m bloody fabulous

KristianPlayz PH

i see to panda

Mae Garlitos

Why is this video telling me that he will leave ugh I hate this feeling😣 we love you kookie I love you💕


Tip: use this in THE STORM, kids

Sebastian Aponte

2018 anyone

Jaegar Ultima

I don't like the way they did squall's hair in the remaster but I can see they wanted to use the dissidia look for him which would be easier to transfer over lol lazy asses.


If you watch the right image, you can clearly see the ball curling. Whether it's real or not I do not know, but I would say it's more real than fake, and it's probably just the wind moving the ball. Great shot though, probably took a few goes.

maria fernanda diaz capacho



Raven Rock is a reference to the real life location of Raven Rock Mountain Complex. References do not qualify as eastern eggs unless they are funny, hard to reach or related to popular culture, preferably with all of the aformentioned traits. Even if Skyrim had been released before Fallout 3, the two locations have nothing in common but the name. So, no. Raven Rock is not an eastern egg.

ethan faulkner

Like for coby all day

Voltz Iruku

I now realize i am also psychotic. I have a severe lack of sympathy to others and get in trouble all the time and believe that everyone is holding me back

Jonah Gates

How do you get thew stuff that you used


I'm only an introvert because I'm too shy to approach people and make friends. It's hard for me to talk with others.

Justin Yam

you guys are beast

Dominick Mensche

No trees were harmed in the making of this film.

The Llamacorn

I'm lucky that both of my parents rarely drink, and I've never seen them drunk.


This guy hate his job right now hahaha

p.s who is panda

A Legitimate Human

Blah blah blah the truth was worse, it wasn't worse it was better.

It makes you shake with worry,makes you feel sick..unsteady on your feet,dizzy,pounding heart,panicking,looking for a bolt hole.

Maya Great

I can't wait

my nigga

your cool,???????????????????

sam lothrop

Keep up we have a new vid every on most Fridays

Kelly Mya

I wish I had seen this before I had told my mom about my depression (it’s still hard to call it that) it’s been a few months since I told my mom that I think I have depression and she and I have yet to set up any appointments but I believe she plans to work on it with me and even though I connect with the symptoms of depression I’ve been in a sort of denial that comes with “oh it’s just puberty” I need to learn to ask my mom about it more so she won’t forget about it


1:45 park JIMIN? 😍😍😍

Milo Toledo

You guys did a frontflip shot. Thats not even a dunk

mukkala goutham reddy

Do Chris Carson

Carol Tan

it makes me happy when i watch dp

Yağız Dinç

I dont know why, but even the funniest/cutest easter eggs creeps me out a little....


when he played a line from the Yogscast to end off the video, I laughed my ass off!

zack arnold

The Sears Tower In Chicago, Illinois

kody m

Yes finally

Justyn Caron

Who want overtime 10 like if you want

Half-Price Storage

Drum beat

Evan Barrette

this was filmed at summit betchel reserve