Trying Fortnite For The First Time

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Daniel Dionne

Anyone who finds that last video offensive is an overly sensitive baby.

Eduardo Panchi

Can anyone explain me what happen? All happened because cowboy blows his nose?


The comments section is pure gold😂


crash bandicoot is one of naughty dogs best games

Crazy David

Team tall man



Meme Face

Nice job on all the videos, Guru! Keep up the good work!

Cynder Moth

hang on, how did you get the costume in the last easter egg, I never found it.

Rensteve Elmido

i like how you put the mildspoiler in the end... so i know where to stop watching thankyou guru

Cilan Steele

The Shrek one is pretty sad. Why didn't I notice that?

Alif Trevathan

well the end killed me

Sara Light


I love big open maps

Ely Suhr

Name it the basket buster

Adoption is an option.


Honestly fortnite needs to nuke the whole island and start all over again

Erlangga Fajar

Rc drift

Kelly Hutchison

OMIGOSHMESS, YES! Give us Broadway prime. I will pay for it.

Garbage Stuff

All year camping😋😋😋

ThatGacha WolfGirl



You should have had Johnny throw a pass from the bench over a cutout of brian hoyer hahaha or maybe he could throw one from rehab