Using MinecraftEdu - Part 1 - Introduction

An introduction to the basic features MinecraftEdu, a custom version of Minecraft designed for teachers and students.Learn more at:

Colin Weir

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General Tupac

You guys should do the same thing except with McDavid.

IKyYz Stikzie

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Jenna R.

Sunny is my favorite but this was downright nauseating 😆


I was expecting a dark souls firepit in this video.

Carcharodon Carcharias XVIII, Ruler of the Seas

Huh, the ending shows the popular people that died during 2016. 7 . Emotional

YoUrE mOm GaY

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Артур Паровоз

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Tadiwa Nigel Munawa

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I thought I heard this vid somewhere.

Demar Forte


Me: You're reading the comments section

Gary Winthorp

4:25 lol

Blue Man

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Jakob Abbott

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I laughed my ass off you put Cory in the house in #4

Classic Alfredo

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Trent Schlabach

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Ty Chotam

4:02 ASMR.

AstroAustin Colouring Creativity

Thanks for giving me my next summer project

Brennansbread 89

Dumbledoor is my ASMR daddy

zero logic

Harry potter i love the movies and the books

Stalin approved

yoni boboshov

do more stereo types