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Vlog of Love, My Honey Teaches Me To Drive His Car, Great Holiday For Me, Routine Picnic#Larkinlad

In arts, I always believe that I'm not even an artist.


Ya know, if you ever get insulted by your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, friends, etc. Because they say your „fat“

fadly putra harun chenel


OW viral avenger

I thought his brother was dantdm how come he’s not related in this

Stuart Norman

Who else is watching 2019

Soumya Raghav

Hey guys can tell me who and how is the panda

Lucas Tout Simplement

I think that forget one reference to dc super hero one time when we fight against the arkham knight and the milice we are in a Queen enterprise building maybe a reference to arrow and oliver queen( sorry for the bad english i'm french)

Kendra Robles

I just now the face of the boy cheating on you 😏😏😏

Nyome Yates

Him:I might have to look someplace else

Rose Owen

I got a 70 on my algebra 2 test but at least it’s over

DeathGrip G.

@FunWithGuru Love your vids, also, hi ^u^

O For Gods Sake Kill Me

Anyone realize how they changed the name multiple times

Mathieu Lapointe

Dude perfect, you should get with Roman Atwood

Sreedhar gajula

Tyler the winner


2:41 the knife didn't stick to the tragget


The first one was just a rube goldberg machine

Lo menos que quisiera es que nuestros caminos se dividan 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Joe Bigs

Purple replay best part

Lena p

I want to go to this school

Sophie Bird

My dad and sister have it

Berkant Aktaş


Joseph Sunuk





I found an easteregg in Black Ops 2. The Guardian has 1.21 GW written on his back.

lourfferey airod

he deserved it!

Jackson Sweat

who's watching this in 2017

Derek Rodriguez Brindis

Hey guru are you going to do one of these for Zootopia when it comes out? Love your videos by the way.

Keegan Jenkins

Poor bikes


hayden has left the chat

Instagram Egg

am i the only one who cried?

yolo boy354

You should make soccer stereotypes


I feel like the reason you chose the cat in the hat for the conjuring 2 slide is cause he knew a lot about that.


how the hell did you find kermit???!!! I knew about mickey, donald and goofy but holy sheesh, I don't think people are supposed to notice things like you do...

MisterPistol 2000

that was a self alliop

Gamer WOLF

Elon husk and dusk


Beardless Ty is weird. Please never lose the beard.



•Andrea MaLkSG•

The subtittled are so funny XD (Spanish ones I don't know if there are more but whatever)

Gergő The

Basketball=Face Team

bang boys

What is this?


I'm from Australia lol

【HG】 Zhampeisov

Кто из 2019?

Oliver Saovacont

I would pray to god also subscribe to Clayton Jennings u won’t regret it

sophia lippold

That was so crazy


русские есть?

Jeremy Villeneuve

God dammit, guess i gotta eat less meat and more vegetable... Even if i love meat and dont like vegetable in general....