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If you want to stop Hunger Craving and Lose Weight see here 1 pound Belly fat every 72 hours!see here Loss Body Transformation in 60 Days. Starting weight 97KG. I'm just an ordinary guy using simple straight method to get in shape. My final weight is 78KG on day 60. I'm still determine to keep going till I achieved what was impossible onc - Six Pack!. The secret - Never Give Up!Will upload more videos and pictures as well how to lose weight formula... my diet plan and my exercise. Rafi A

Kayla Rowell

When Bunny pulled the dog bed I died 😂😂😂

Brandon Mandell

i don't know about Tyler's parents but i would 100% disown my son if he was gay.

Pito Caca

Damn codyyyy

Reisen Udongein Inaba

For the record if you're not getting the kind of affection/attention that you need from your partner then they're probably just not right for you. Everyone knows that no one will be a perfect partner. It takes love and dedication to take the bad with the good; To make a relationship work rather than feeling the need to seek comfort in someone else. Being cool with an open relationship takes serious commitment issues.

Amil Williams

Go ty

anthony salernitano

Did he get drafted? If so is he still in the league, also does he have a catch????

totally not a weirdo

dude- i knew what paralyzed meant when i was like 8. no, i do not have good grades

Skylar Delorme


Kelli Rainey

i think that you should bromo piñata


Jonathan Wall

Subscribe to me🙂

Xbox Player

Poor panda

Veteran Voice

What If! Ian left smosh instead of Anthony?

Ethan Johnson

Next video:

Gybran Rosario

If your Puertoriqueño

Vaman 24

I like the rage monster


when? I never saw it.

Joe shmoe aka joee

Nice brockhampton sample

Lane. Bh

y'all should do one where u shoot one straight in the air and straight in the basket ball goal

Jason Culpepper

I was once in frisco Texas and saw DP HQ and DPHQ2. No lies


Frozen 2 trailer: I wakeNo mention of Elsa having a girlfriend: I sleep again

wade chaperon

tha sweet ow it end

Hou la la! De plus, est-ce que je suis seul qui pense qu'ils feraient mieux pour eux d'être juste cool et laisser "le oui!" partie hors d'ecran? C’est pourquoi je considère Tyler comme le meilleur, d’ailleurs

Raven Valentine

this is a nice video but in realty she would never thinks that way , this is a fake story Oh cool, they made the game from Alita: Battle Angel


for the High Maintenance and the Mined Games, we should be rewarded with the Death Machine like in Black Ops for Ascension, Call of the Dead (except they place the Wunderwaffe DG-2, which is cool) and the Moon Easter Egg (Cryogenic Slumber Party) 

Crazy Craft

Make a part 2 please

Bimo Junito

The Cody's traffic cone Rocket is to heavy and if it flew it would not be high because wings on a rocket is Only made for stability and control and more wings equals more drag thus making the rocket have to work harder to get it self lifting of from the ground...DISCLAIMER : i am not an engineer i just learn it on the internet and i gotta say it's a cool looking rocket

Jules N Stuff


the Teddy mom

So this is bijuu mike story??.

Gellért Pogonyi

Mi a fasz?

Melissa Miller bro

Can I at least get one like. 😀

Technical King



Halle Berry is a national treasure!

You cant date her!



black gold

Dad says and welcome to dad edition Captionsand welcome to damages. So funny guys plz check it out

Jacob Ison

Do you find all the easter eggs yourself? Also you should do a lets play/commentary cus your voice is heavenly my good sir

Joaquin Juarez

Why such horror

ksa ksa

#1 is funny


CP gotta show em that back door play

Twilight Olie

team coby

AlinaM 67

How many fails?


Rage Monster ruins Christmas (like everytime)

He died 2hours after his check up at the hospital

Emir Kartajumena

ME:OoOOhHh YoU LiVe Da WoOdS


what happened to jason's finger

kevin ml

10 million views in a week 🔥

Xyrius D

Sucks for the employees in the virtual world... some people cant catch a break! dad:OMG so no one likes boys in this family BULLY YOU BULLY LITTLE BULLY

Coaster Lover26

#4 please

Unknown Unknown

Gallon of water Guy

Amanda Smith

I'm gettin' a Twilight Princess kind o' vibe? I mean, that's not a complaint. Intrigued.