What Does Connection Mean To You?

If you are interested in bringing World Education Exchange to your school or classroom or can connect me to teachers or schools in any part of the World...WEE would love the connection! E-mail us at:worldeducationexchange@gmail.com Follow us to the launch of World Education Exchange and our journey to the first annual World Education Day by subscribing to our channel .CONNECTING with others is POWERFUL! It's not often we think about the definition of connection or what it means to us, yet it's so important to understand how powerful it can be to unlocking our own happiness and success as well as the happiness and success of others. WEE took our camera out to see what people thought. It was amazing how open people were to just talking and how most really missed that kind of interaction, not only with family and friends, but with even those they meet on the street.Answers sound different, but listen closely, there is a common message about just wanting to be accepted.


amazing dude. thx for entertaining me :D


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I love your videos because they are out of the box thinking but way too real. Nice job and keep up the hard work.



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