What’s in My Backpack COLLEGE Edition! | Back to School 2018 - YouTube

You guys, this is our 1st semester at COLLEGE! We are so excited to FINALLY be a Baylor Bear carrying around these ADORABLE backpacks, which we are GIVING AWAY! 😍 Each #backpack is filled with school supplies that will last the year, plus we include a BONUS prize that will make going #backtoschool a whole lot easier! So CUTE! 😊 Yes, we are holding another GIVEAWAY for all of our loyal subscribers!There will be 2 lucky winners, each will win an EXACT duplicate of one of our school backpacks + school supplies + iPad PRO’s!!! Wanna win??? Click HERE to enter: found some really great #school supplies for our backpacks this year! Things like cute pens, pencils, erasers, earbuds, chapstick, BATTERY BANKS, planners, water bottle, highlighters, binders, etc! We even spiced up the backpacks by adding customized DIY stitching text on Bailey’s, and tassel puff balls on Brooklyn’s! It just wouldn’t feel like us if we didn’t customize our bags to fit our personalities. 😎 PLUS, we are GIVING AWAY an exact replica of our back-to-school backpacks + all the respective school supplies seen in the video + an iPad PRO (64GB in Rose Gold color)! MORE exciting news??? Once you complete two easy required entries, the widget will UNLOCK several BONUS ENTRIES you can choose to do for an even greater chance to win!So, be sure to click the widget link at the top of this description box to enter this contest (rules below)! What would you use the iPad Pro for?RULES:For this contest, all rules and entries are managed by Gleam. The widget will be selecting one winner at random, and the winner will be contacted via the email address you provide in the widget. (We have a strict privacy policy listed in the widget. Absolutely no personal information will be shared with any 3rd party. We will use it only to notify the winner and for our own promotional purposes.) The winner has 48 hours to claim the prize, or we will redraw a new winner. (We have had to draw another winner before, because the first one put in a bogus email... so be sure to leave a REAL email where we can reach you!)For a full list of contest rules and requirements, please click the “Terms & Conditions” in the widget link above, before placing your entry.This giveaway is open internationally, and all entrants must be 18 years of age (or older) to participate, or have a parent enter for you, and we will be verifying this. The contest ends on Wednesday night, Sept 26th at 11:59pm CST, and the winner will be announced the day after the contest ends (Sept 27th), via Instagram, Twitter, and in the widget link above, so be sure to check back!GOOD LUCK, you guys, and don't forget to click the giveaway link above and comment down below when you are done telling us WHICH BACKPACK you hope to win! 💋's -BaileyOur LASH NEXT DOOR mascara is BACK IN STOCK! Click here HERE before it sells out! ▶️our Original Music! 🎤🎶👉🏻 Dance Like Me - Simple Things - What We're Made Of - | | | | | @BrooklynAndBaileySpotify | | Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video._💥SUPERFANS💥: You can help us translate our uploads, and get credit below each video (and be our fav people ever}! Click here to help:

Tomás Marchán

Oh, you mean the sword in the fire thingy? Yeah, that's cool

Kelly Luvisotto


Kathy Forshee


Wendy Goering-Jensen

Nothing but respect and love for Tati


dude got left hanging in the beginning


i think u put that stuff in the chest

Julian Delgado


Randi Cunningham

1 is I’m so fancy

Ruqayah Abdus-Samee

Coby NEVER wins

Kyl3_Games XX

How did anyone dislike this?


Pay €15 to advance to the high ground......after all it’s an EA game

Jesus Villeda


Not to hate on Zelda or anything

Luis Nelson

My favorite shot is Cody trust shot

Mohamed Abdi

Kyle kuzma said damn when he saw that price cheap ass

Kashika -

Coby u will win

Angel Devil



Which program do you use for these videos?

Jeri Walters


Taya Coates

Anyone Re-watching all the battles in 2019?


Shame the 3rd act was eh

Seriously guys, don't feed the trolls who say "mlp is fucking dumb"

I gamez

Bruh im so hyped

Alex Fortunato


Doug Carruthers

Wendy skips in gracefully rips them both a new asshole then skips out gracefully

Joi Pierson

I ca relate once i didn't take a bath for a week because i hate baths


@DCshoes35 that because it was fake

Sick Tricks

there are barely any trick shots, its just them getting smashed by the ball


10 years

Craig's reviews and tutarials


black night dabing

Head ore hair wtf


Lol imagine if chickens were watching, their eggs being crushed for fun. Like gladiators for animals lmao

Rack The Jipper

Was all that real? You had me on board until the zombie disco! Lol. So someone please confirm this for me.



Bean Juice

Were the dads wearing fake beards

Marc-Olivier Robertson

what spectrogram software do you use?


I freaking LOVE when Kristin wears her hair up esp in a top bun! (Ok back to watching the video lol)

Tim Lucien

cowboys stadiam shot was on tv

lexi arquillano

it dosent makes sence when you read the Title

Hayden Button

20 minutes devoted to bloopers

Pixel Warrior

Wowowowow! Another video from our Master !

Clifford Streich

Ronald wins

Nandhilam Nandhilam

Dudes are perfect

Very Scared Doggo


ProFisher132 Perez

best Video 2016 was WORLD RECORD EDITION

Jacob Payne

Does anyone else find the eyeless dog head in the dog ending of silent hill 2 kinda creepy or is it just me?

Frei Bylander

Feel the rythm, feel the ride, hang on Cody, ITS BOBSLED TIME!


me i overthink everything

Jonathan Harper

I love the hardy boys

Gaming gameplay

Am i The only one That doesnt watch got

Jorge Flores


Jack Bike


Mark Jamison

Love you guys 🐨🐶🐥🦋🐛🐬🐠🐡🐳😂😍

Leah Brock

Go blue team

fresh soap

when i was 3 i ate a tipod

ash m