When Hype Jobs Face Reality! Pt3 - YouTube

Boxing Legends TV continues the series taking a look at some of the funniest, saddest, and outright bizarre hype jobs in boxing history. This episode features David Price, Michael Olajide Jr and more.The is a re-upload of the original that was deleted from the 'boxing legends tv' channel late 2018. We are the official second channel and have the full permission to re-upload all the old missing content


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I've been subscribed to ur youtube channel since GuruKid and when you stopped and found out you post here I got disappointed you didn't do any more glitches but it's always cool to watch ur vids, even tho I don't have most of the games you post its cool lol..no deep feelings but even tho I don't know you I kinda look up to you..you don't share ur voice or your face, you just us txt and post vids that's awesome, I used to say I was you when I was littleXD but of course I said It wasn't later on but you need to keep posting, don't quit, and keep but the cool posts <3 your awesome!!

Eugenio Ulloa

Title:I’m the only healthy one in my family


Has cancer


I like asmr, but I hated that scene in Inglorious Bastards. Dunno if it was because I hate eating sounds, mouth sounds, or the Nazis.

Will Simon

That was cool I never knew any of those!

Step 1: Cosplay as Nagai from Ajin

Chance Sanders

I saw your fake shot bithes

Rilley Briggs

Do you try to cook the meat


One day Coby will win his first battle

luster Dust

They guy looks like tadashi from big hero 6

Rilee Stapleton

I'm afraid of heights so bad I started sweating from this

Skip Rope

Oh Christ get over it. I was in the Pan Am building when a helicopter went into the floor above me. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/helicopter-flips-park-avenue-1977-article-1.2214161

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dude this definitely deserves a like and fav!

Art Creations

4:20, so you were a mom??

🔱Solstice the lost saiyan 🔱

Well I’m depressed all right

I love it !!!

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I swear Max act like he own Kawhi

Shadow_night _

Et y’a des francais

TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]

Dude Perfect should make a segment where they try to play a certain musical instrument (Like Dude Perfect tries Viola, Recorders, etc.)

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You should review the ninja foodie

And now it comes every 2-3 months


More like “Team Edgy” nice video tho

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1:57 shook me but honestly hunter x hunter have good dub voices

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I love dude perfect I have subscribed and have the game I am a twin just like Cory and coby and me and my friends are soon gonna start making a dude perfect junior

First We Feast

Move over Gary Vee. It's time to bow down to the Clean Wing Queen, Halle Berry!

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Snapping your fingers

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interesting video clip

Beautiful Rain


The general concept and how the power dynamic beetween counties effect it.

Sam Is Tall

Karibou is better

Fahad Alrawe


I literakly died😂

Tiffany Beavers



@joevege Not anymore they broke it multiple times the new one is the Reliant Stadium Shot

Eibrius Saint

cories trus shot on his self it fliped twice

Eric Sander

Stan Lee would be proud.

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I love your vids it's really kool how you find all these Easter eggs in everything.

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Speaker: “I don’t want to say he’s a psychopath”

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bring in big ben

Shadow _span


Baby Blu



More bloops


Awesome! Been waiting so long for this :D

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i like how in every story the voices are the same


Who is the panda?😯



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1 like=1 win for coby

A.K. Schnarr


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The kappa one is probably the least scary! He's so cute!!! :D 

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on number 8 i was playing destiny beta wall i watched this... ITS BEEN PLANNED ALL THESE YEARS

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I love it I'm on lvl 16

That's just the word "hunter" in german and it's used because it sounds cool

She's a fucking homophobe and was rightfully called out, or bullied In July it is June