Workout Wednesday: Dajour Miles - Sled Pulls And Circuits - YouTube

Watch a brand new Workout Wednesday with Dajour Miles doing an early season conditioning workout. She runs a circuits and obstacle workout including sled pulls. She owns a 53.98 400m personal best.Website: Subscribe: the FloSports iOS app: MileSplitFacebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Mark White

I love Spot!!!!!!!!!!!!


both of them were being babies about it

The Comic Cabinet

I didn't expect you to sound like that but I love your content man :D


Of all the days they choose the day of E3 to release this. Are you trying to give my a heart attack?!P.S. Here before 1 million


Honestly this video missed out on a ton of far more unique and interesting Easter Eggs in the series, of anything this is a list of some of the most basic and easy to find Easter Eggs in the series. Seriously, where's Guy Savage? Where's The End's alternate death's? How about the boxers for the whole platoon on the tanker?

Hudi Malik

#beast -like trick-shots

Nathan Cockrell

3:00 I found that chest once on accident when I was looking for herbs to raise my enchanting level


Rest in peace

Brent Waller

Gaaaah! It's not working!

Rishaan Manglik

another stunt driving contest


Am I the only person who saw DJ Khaled at 4:36


your a BIG FATR you cod bai


I’m Chaos Opener


Oh and got a really cool new Easter Egg video coming in a couple of days.

Andrew Erickson

You'll shoot your eye out is from A Christmas Story it's a classic Cody!

alex hermnanseds

1:29 the rage monster lmao



animal 86

all panda videos are hilarious, I cant help but watch them over and over again


amazing ( you and the vid ! good job )


Instead of asking for followers, you would have all those if you pumped videos more often instead of waiting on a specific number of followers/views. If the provider doesn't offer anything for so long than the regulars lose interest. Just my opinion.


I got scared to death when the guy

Kommando Staat

BuY A sLiM WaLlET aND NoT pLaCE iT IN yOUr PuRSe!

Dkamazing Wins

Coby I believe!