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Dude you have the best comps iv ever seen. I love how simple and quick to the point they are. So many of these types of videos now days have to have a long ass intro with dubstep music blaring and have to listen to the narrator for half hour listening to him beg you to like and subscribe everything. Hope you see this comment Guru! Keep up the good work and awesome videos.


Omg i started cry! This is so sad!😭😭


Nice job there with the pointless quotation marks now do me a favor and fuck off. It was a comment three months ago. Annoying troll has nothing better to do than bitch at people on You Tube. Goodbye.

João Vitor Sampaio Monteiro

I don't get it the gumball ones

no jams here

My mom had two kids before me. She wanted only one more and she had a miscarriage, i was the baby after the miscarriage. I still wonder if ill ever meet my sibling one day, because her miscarriage was my only full blood relation sibling. Both of my older sisters are half sisters.

Wolf Woof

4:00 "Im not a moster."

Russell Supertramp

It's only a big deal bc that guy that shoved him was white. If he was black it wouldn't have been a deal

Emily Kovar

Go coby


This is why we need universal health care 😰

Denis James

You want more easter eggs there is slender man and there is ufo not that on another one in parcel storm There is Plane easter Egg bf4

Finnish dub Ylitalo

I hate needles and electricity too


True Stikz

This beat dropped harder than... I don’t know someone insert a joke

Kimberly Creel

My mother is borderline and she should've been sterilized before she ever thought about breeding.



Josh Hart

whats the soundtrack


I love my body because of that video

Marco Guajardo


Load ing


Gaming With Alayna

I cried watching this video. Jeffree and Nate I give you the best hugs and wishes on your loss. Diamond is in Doggie heaven and is living a good life. I give you lots of love ❤️😢💎🐕


But really, been saying this to everyone, CoD is like 2 years behind on the fact that we want a non-futuristic COD. R.I.P. Call of Duty, Battlefield saw the opportunity and took it, just fucking RIP

honey subliminals

Jesus just send some 😂 it's annoying but I think it's cute

abid bashir



This is the best condom.

2. Lightsaber - looks nothing like in the movies.

Hydra Arts

When they aired the cat in the hat on cartoon network they actually had to edit that scene out


Some where creepy

Jeff Mctighe

giants and rangers

ender Crystal

Is this a movie???

superhai TB


Kyle Jakubowski

I just don't feel like there's enough evidence in the first 2



Seth Zerrudo

Dude perfect!♥

My dad smokes 20 a day Wiggle

Delia Zanatta

Your are epic


the kayake shot

Mj Mejias


conner walker

Yall should look into maybe getting a warehouse or something of the sorts. Something big to test even bigger questions. Yall are modern day mythbusters I love it!

shailaja Reddy

the beard


5:08 wow... just wow...

Antonio Andrade

60 yards

Paige Twitchell

I love how Cody tries to pump up his finds

Riley_gacha 1234



I am so sorry