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MJ Fransico

First comment first like seven views lucky me!!!!!!!!!!

Luis Vazquez Izard

Pq esta wevada esta en tendencia en mi Perú?

TehRedWings Bro

wow ray gun on round 3 I CALL HAX or just the best cod blops zombie player EVER!!!!!

Jesse Lopez

what catch?

Allie Guerrini

I can’t tell if I want to be Jen, or marry her?...🤔🏳️‍🌈


I dont really think the wrench used to be an easter egg

M.V.W Gacha

You should do this whole video, but forward edition, and see how hard it is compared to doing it forward.

calebinho seninha


Jennifer Lopez

I just discovered this show when I watched the Jonas brothers episode. Now I’m watching bingeing your show. I love your interviewing style. Would love to see the boys from Bastille (maybe try their hot sauce) or at least Dan Smith


aye dude perfect you guys are the best and keep on making new videos but can you plz do more rc editions because i love remote control cars and i have a couple traxxas trucks and boats myself

No sé quién la daño

Nvm Biaora

Messi should be the next athlete

YT Notcay

I’m the imaginary dunker I’m 5,6 tho

Itz Wolfie-Chan

1:01 Hey guys its Thanos

DARK wolf

Who is the panda maskot ?

Talon Bowens

I can relate to this. Every guy I ever met, has the whole "Let's have sex even though you don't want to" kind of mindset.


whe it cut to "us editing" they looked like SNAX

Karakuchi Banda

Хто с Украины ставим ЛАЙК

the pro plays

Did anyone realize that Cory's mag fell out in the intro

Rosa Tarantola

Oh you the ppl who made instantgram cool!

Shane Clark

I new it was checkers.

At least, You didn't hurt or did sucide to yourself .....

Matt Playz

Nice warning for jumpscares you earned a sub for dat

Spoon tan

This game is amazing!

(Also project scorpio has a beautiful wife now lmao)

anon ymus

Congrats with 20mil