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Do I want kids? Am I kinky? Am I getting a breast reduction? Can I speak French? (yes, badly) Thanks for watching this very self-indulgent video.//Pre-order my book "The Hormone Diaries": for weekly videos: to support me and my work:Join me on Patreon: a Channel Member: camera - Canon 80d: - Sigma 18-35mm f1.8: - H4n Zoom: camera - Sony RX100 MIV: linksEnd music: Thursday and Snow (Reprise) by Blank & Kytt

Zachary Stuecker


Jaden Servia

2:09. u guys see anything I don't ;)


U should have done a multiplayer Easter egg of one the drivable couch and to the c4 launch

Shelly Kalsi

June 5 is my birthday the day right after June 4 💖

Kokoro 17

Lilith looking so good.

unicorn fun for everyone

You said your boy freind was a redhead but he has brown hair


man i love the far cry 4 easter egg thanks for avoiding me all that bs

Chandler Browning

Plastic golfneeds another video

Jack Miller

Love your videos, although I'm surprised there isn't an obscene amount of bitching about the DNF segments. I personally quite enjoyed it, but that's just me.

Me: Eats lollipop while watching

Ned:Shave Your Eyebrows

Snoopgiraffe 77

I'm tall guy who only shoots threes ( but I make most of them).


9:54 fellow kids

Llll Ooo

Steph curry is scared. Just like bron was


2:04 says dj khaled

Robin Ann White

Such a great video! Especially discussing how family and spouses can support.

Anyways felt very happy to see this video, I am not the only one.

Chandra Bishnoi

Coby you are incredible


175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk

the legend says if you comment early, but not very early, the legend itself, Guru will reply you with quotes from "The Matrix"

Like, from what time to what?

ACTUALLY HAPP- opps wrong Channel

lololol :D

What’s the music name?

You be stayin' low but you know what the vibes is 

Chelsea Rosales

“I bully her for no reason”

Niki Nguyen

Do a lacrosse trick shots

Oluseyi Babayeju

Will's picture looked exactly like him now

LaughOutLoudProductions :D

mike you must have had a hard childhood :(

Boone Hoskins

how do you kick so hard?

Camilo Gomez

But the greninjas and torterra are also genetic experiments